FF7 Remake Lost Friend Side Quest Walkthrough – All Cat Locations

By Raaj
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In Sector 7 Slums while exploring the Residential area, you will find a little girl looking for her cats. This quest is also marked on the map. In this FF7 Remake Cat Locations for Lost Friends Quest guide, you can learn where to find all three cats and return to Betty. This will complete the side quest giving you some rewards and restoring your HP and MP to 100%. So lets begin.

FF7 Remake Cat Locations Guide

FF7 Remake Lost Friend Puzzle

Refer the map location above first to find Betty. She is a adorable little girl standing in a isolated place looking for something. You can find here in the Residential area of the slums. Interact with the child and Lost Friends Quest begins. Betty will tell you about the cats and three objective marker will be displayed on the mini map.

Cat Location 1 –

FF7 Remake Lost Friend Puzzle

After talking to Betty, turn right and go straight towards the road . You will find the first cat standing right at the edge of the road.

Cat Location 2 –

FF7 Remake Lost Friend Puzzle

From the last location where you found Cat 1, turn left and check the entrance of Seventh Heaven.

Cat Location 3 –

FF7 Remake Lost Friend Puzzle

To find the third and final cat, turn right from Seventh Heaven. Cross the item shop and continue walking left until you see a small entrance made of tin, crouch and enter. There are lots of cats inside along with one that belongs to Betty.

Return back to Betty, she will be unhappy to find that all three cats run away. But there is nothing to worry, all cats will return back and Betty will happy. You will unlock A Maiden’s Kiss, all your HP and MP will be fully restored after the quest.