Best Shield In Valheim

Know the best shield type in Valheim for parrying, blocking and defense. Reduce incoming damage with them easily.

If you want to make yourself the most powerful Viking in the world of Valheim, you need to have all the best weapons at your disposal. To know which is the best armor and weapons, you can check out our linked guides but here’s the best shield in Valheim that you can get your hands on. You can block attacks and parry with some of them making it a handy tool in combat for your defense.

Which is the Best Shield in Valheim?

best shields valheim for combat
Source image: Dare To Game on Youtube

There are two types of Shields in Valheim – Round Shields and Tower Shields. The Best Round Shield is Black Metal Shield whereas Black Metal Tower Shield is the best in Tower type. Both of these require Black metal and we’ve got a guide on how to do that in the game. You also need to beat the fourth boss (Moder) to be able to craft this shield.

Let’s look at the stats and crafting materials of these strong shields.

Black metal shield

Its block power is 90 (upgrades 2,3 are 95, 100 respectively) and parry force is 50 (55, 60). The Durability is 200 which goes to 250 and 300 when you upgrade it. Its move penalty is -5%. Note that this shield is an upgrade from the Silver Shield.

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Black metal tower shield

  • 15 Fine wood
  • 10 Black metal
  • 7 Chain

Its block power is 105 which goes to 110 and 115 with upgrades 2 and 3. The Durability is 200 which goes to 250 and 300 when you upgrade it. Moreover, its move penalty is -20%. Keep in mind that Tower shields cannot parry. Speaking of Tower Shields, you can also check out the Serpent Scale Shield for which you have to kill Serpents in Valheim.

That is everything on the Best Shield in Valheim. While you are here, check out the best seeds to farm infinite rare materials and some great spawn locations. There’s lots more in our Valheim wiki so head over to the link to know more hidden secrets and tips.