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Best Seeds To Farm Infinite Rare Materials In Valheim

Wondering about the best seeds to farm infinite rare materials in Valheim? Check them out right here

Farming rare materials in Valheim is one of the things that you will be occupied with the most, while having infinite of these rare materials seems to be mouth-watering, it is nearly impossible to find them in the game unless you know exactly which seed to visit and what to farm over there. This guide will show you the best seeds to farm infinite rare materials in Valheim.

Best Seeds To Farm Infinite Rare Materials In Valheim


Each seed is randomly generated and while the aim of the game is to bring in some survival aspect where you will have to grind hard to get the best things in the game, a few seeds somehow end up being rich with these items that will offer you a ton of resources and all you have to do is find them.

Best Seeds To Farm Infinite Rare Materials In Valheim

Seed: q8QvHnL57S


Resource: Silver Ore

All across this seed, you will find Silver Ore as the Mountain Biome is just next to the spawn point. All you need to do is grab a wishbone and start looking out for some shining metal, as the Wishbone starts to ping a sound, start digging and you will get some silver ore.

While it may seem that Silver Ore is rare in other seeds, this one is filled with areas that are rich in the resource, helping you to get more out of the game by delivering your an unlimited source of Silver Ore.


Seed: ht9ApYLnfs

Resource: Obsidian Ore

Obsidian is needed to craft the best weapons and armors in the game and by default, it is a rare material, but not here. Obsidian is found plentiful on the peak where players can mine the resource as much as they want. While this Mountain Biome is rich in Obsidian, it lacks silver, so there’s no point whipping out your wishbone here.


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Seed: AnimeSucks

Resource: Copper, Tin, and Fine Wood

Early on in the game, you will be restricted to using items like Copper, Tin, and Fine Wood. The majority of the tools and items in the game use these crafting items and finding an abundance of them is of prime importance, thankfully. You’ll always find these resources here in the Black Forest that is located inside.

Seed: t9n3WG6dFk

Resource: Iron and Surtling Core

Smelting and crafting weapons are the identifying signs of a Viking and you will need a good arsenal of weapons so that you can not only protect yourself from enemies but also go on the assault and take over the entire world. Spread the word of Odin and use your weapons to be victorious and farm infinite rare materials.

Lucky for you, we’ve decided to bear the burden and pain of finding these seeds so that you can sit back and get the most out of Valheim right here on Gamer Tweak.

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