Valheim Crafting Progression Guide

Crafting in Valheim too confusing for you? Check out this Valheim Crafting guide to know more

Valheim crafting progression guide will help you to understand how you can go from one item to another in the game. The process of finding an item and then combining it with another to create something useful has been given a lot of importance by the developers and having a clear understanding will help you to progress in the game that much better. Make sure to check out our Valheim Crafting Progression Guide right here.

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide

Below are the items that you will be able to use to craft items in Valheim:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Flint
  • Leather Scraps
  • Deer Hide
  • Bronze
  • Core Wood
  • Fine Wood
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Black Metal



Wood is the first item that you will use for crafting, early tools like Workbench, club, and walls or roofs can be crafted with wood. As soon as you spawn in the game you will be able to use wood for crafting by breaking it with your fists and breaking it down.


The crafting progression of Valheim replicates that of human evolution and right after wood, you will be able to use stone tools and craft items like a stone axe and stone pickaxe.


Flint is a core item in Valheim, and this will allow you not only to upgrade your workbench but also craft weapons with it like Flint spear and Flinthead arrows, to find Flint you will need to find areas near shallow waters.

Leather Scraps

Leather is one of the most used crafting items in the game, you can use it to craft a lot of items with it as it will be one of the key binding elements in the game. You will be able to make much more weapons with it and you can get this from Deers and Boars that you encounter in the game. Early on this is one of the most important crafting progression guide items.

Deer Hide

Deer Hide like leather is one of the most used for crafting weapons. This will help you to make tons of items like Bows and Boats. Boats are essential so that you can travel to far away Biomes that won’t be possible either by walking or by swimming.

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This marks your evolution in Valheim, bronze comes into the mix when you learn the art of smelting. Metals are one of the most important items in the game, items like the Fermenter and the Cauldron are a stepping stone to progressing in the game.

Core Wood

Core Wood is needed to create some of the most advanced items in the game. With a Portal, you can teleport to different places immediately, with a ward you will be able to protect yourself from enemies.

Fine Wood

Fine wood in Valheim can be exclusively be obtained from Birch and Pine trees. This item will enable you to create things like Bench, Chair, Item Stand, Longship, and much more. This is an advanced type of wood that will enable you to progress much faster.


When you unlock Iron in Valheim, you will have reached the point where you will be able to create formidable weapons and armor for yourself. Iron is the strongest weapon and weapons like axes, longswords and much more can be created. One of the key items of the crafting progression guide.


Silver will only be available in the game after you’ve defeated Bone Mass in the Swamp. Silver is a sort of progression from Iron and not only will you be able to get better gear and weapons. This will also help you survive in the Mountains Biome.

Black Metal

The final item that you will need in your crafting journey, Black Metal is considered the best when it comes to making weapons. Things like the Black Metal Sword, Black Metal axe are some of the most powerful items in the game.

This is the entire crafting progression guide that you’re going to require in Valheim, all of these items are essential in the Early Access phase of the game and while new items will be added to the game, we will be updating this guide along with it.

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