AC6 All Collectibles Guide: Battle Logs, Data Logs & Rewards List

Armored Core 6 has different type of collectibles like - Battle Log, Data Logs, Video Logs, etc. Collectible them will reward with points and trophies. This guide will help you to understand why collecting logs is necessary in AC6.

Trophies in Armored Core 6 are rewarded when you gather collectibles, parts, etc. These trophies will help you to level up and unlock the path for more rare upgrades. There are 30 Trophies in the game and unlocking all of them will reward players with the AC6 Platinum Trophy. This guide also has links to AC6 Battle Log, Data Logs, etc guides.

AC6 Trophies List & How to Unlock

AC6 Collectible Guide

Trophics in Armored Core 6 are divided into three parts. Bronze, Silver, and Gold collecting them all will give you a rare Platinum trophy. Below is a list of all Trophics in AC6, Some of them are unlocked during completing missions, while some are just part of small objectives.

AC6 Bronze Trophies List:

  1. Training Complete: Complete All Training Modules.
  2. Graphic Designer: Customize AC’s Color Scheme.
  3. Software Engineer: Upgrade AC’s OS.
  4. Hardware Engineer: Build ACs from Scratch.
  5. New Thread: Complete Attack the Old Spaceport.
  6. Illegal Entry: Complete Illegal Entry.
  7. Operation Wallclimber: Complete Operation Wallclimber.
  8. Contact Conquer: Complete Attack the Watchpoint.
  9. Into Unknown Territory: Complete IUnderground Exploration – Depths 3.
  10. Re-education: Complete oral Convergence.
  11. The Floating City: Complete Uninhabited Floating City.
  12. Ocean Crossing: Complete Ocean Crossing.
  13. MIA: Complete MIA.
  14. Ayre and the Coral: Kill the Ice Worm.

AC6 Silver Trophies List:

  1. Testing Complete: Complete all Combat Readiness Tests in Arena.
  2. Weapon Collector: Unlock every weapon in AC6.
  3. External Parts Collector: Unlock all Frame Components.
  4. Internal Parts Collector: Unlock all Inner Components.
  5. Expansion Collector: Unlock every Core Expansion in AC6.
  6. Combat Log Collector: Collect every Combat Log.
  7. Data Log Collector: Collect 10 Data Logs.
  8. Liberator of Rubicon: Reach the end of the Liberator of Rubicon objective.
  9. Alea lacta Est: Unlock Alea lacta Est Ending.
  10. The Fires of Raven: Unlock The Fires of Raven.

AC6 Gold Trophies List:

  1. Asset Holder: Unlock all parts.
  2. The Perfect Mercenary: Unlock S-Rank in every mission.
  3. Stargazer Successfully: Complete every mission in AC6.
  4. Master of Arena: Win over every Challenge and Enemy in Arena.
  5. Tuning Expert: Upgrade every part of AC’s OS.

AC6 Collectibles Locations Guides:

To help you more with unlocking all trophies and finding collectibles here are some important links to refer. The guides below will help you to get the exact location of Battle Logs, Data Logs, Parts, etc. and this will be updated on a regular basis.

  1. Secret Parts Location Guide
  2. Get More Armor Points

Battle Log Locations Guide:

  1. Attack Old Spaceport Battle Log
  2. Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log
  3. Prisoners Rescue Battle Log
  4. Underground Exploration Depth 2 Battle Log
  5. Wall Climber Battle Log
  6. Dam Complex Battle Log
  7. Eliminate V.VII Battle Log

AC6 has three games plus and it may require approximately all three playthroughs to get each and every trophy. The game has New Game, New Game+, and New Game++. each of these will give you different endings. To help you more in this guide you will get links to articles that will help you with mission completion, log location, etc.