AC6 Eliminate V.VII Battle Log Location Guide

This mission has three battle logs and you can acquire one of them if you just play mission objectives. Here are some details on how to get them all.

Eliminate V.VII mission appears in Chapter 3 of Armored Core 6. This mission has a different kind of requirement and also has a hidden multiple-choice question. The objective of this mission is to take down boss Swinburne without getting noticed. In stealth mode, and at the end of his last health, if you stop he will give you an offer. Accepting the offer will unlock another boss fight where you will deal with Rokumonsen. Kill any one of them will reward you with a Battle Log. There is also an MT in the area that will drop another battle log. Keep reading to get the locations of all three Battle 3 logs in AC6 Eliminate V.VII Mission.

AC6 Eliminate V.VII Battle Log  Locations

AC6 Eliminate VVII Battle Log

The objective of this mission is to search and destroy Swinburne of the Vespers. He is the kind of boss who is sitting behind a heavily guarded region. At the commencement of the mission stay low and fly towards the objective marker. There is a Tetrapod in this region that will drop the first Battel Log. To locate this mech, search the region on the left of two of the tallest buildings in the region. Just keep following the road toward the objective marker and scan the area. If you are getting spotted hide between the buildings and stay low.

AC6 Eliminate Swinburn Location

For the second you will have to follow all three objective markers until you find Swinburne. He is beside the wall, if you want you can kill him. But if you choose to spare this guy then you can unlock one hidden boss fight with Rokumonsen. Here is how to do that.

  1. Attack Swinburne until you see his health bar on top disappear.
  2. He will stop as soon as there is another small health bar on his head.
  3. Just stand back, and refer to the image below. There will be a small health and he will ask you to stop for a while.

AC6 Swinburn

This is where Swinburne will throw an offer of sparing him from the right. You will see an option to Accept or Refuse. If you choose to Refuse then you will have to kill him to get the Combat Log. Accept and unlock one more boss fight with Rokumonsen. Defeat him and you might get another Battle Log. To help you more with AC6 Battle Log collectibles, refer to our AC6 Trophy List and Rewards Location guide. This article has more references to battle logs and other details related to AC6 Collectibles.