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Armored Core 6 Combat Log Locations: Underground Exploration Depth 2

There are three combat logs in Underground Exploration Depth 2. They are dropped after defeating a specific type of enemy. Check this guide for details.

Underground Exploration starts in Chapter 4 of AC6. This mission is divided into three parts. They are Depth 1, Depth 2 & Depth 3. In this guide, you can check the exact locations of Underground Exploration Depth 2 Combat Logs. In-game they are listed as Battle Logs and are kind of hidden collectibles dropped after killing a specific type of enemy or after completing the mission. So if you have completed Chapter 3 and are about to enter the Underground Exploration mission do not forget to collect them all.

Underground Exploration Depth 2 Battle Logs Location

Depth 2 is the second mission that has three Battle/Combat Logs. Two of them an part of the mission while one is easy to miss. Here are the locations to visit to collect all three logs.

Battle Log 1 Location:

AC6 Depth 2 Battle Log 1 Location

Start with the mission Reach the end of Depth 2 in Chapter 4. This is the commencement of Chapter 4 where you will be exploring some underground tunnels. G5 Iguazi will drop the first battle log. Keep moving forward until you cross two doors and find the objective Defeat G5 Iguazu. The first Combat/Battle Log is added to your mission completion list after this. So it is quite a hard-to-miss collectible in AC6.

Battle Log 2 & 3 Location:

AC6 Depth 2 Battle Log 2 Location

The other two Combat Logs are in the same location. You can easily miss this spot while playing main missions. After defeating G5 Iguazi, a new door unlocks that will take you to a new tunnel. Cross that and you will come to a bridge, look to the right side for another bridge. This one has an open door, you will have to make your way to this second bridge dealing with the enforcement robots. Refer to the AC6 screenshot above for the exact location.

AC6 Depth 2 Battle Log 3 Location

Enter the tunnel and take the first right before the door. Take down two bots in the room, defeat them and you are done with collecting the Combat Logs of Underground Exploration Depth 2. To help you more with the AC6 Combat Logs collection here are some of the useful links you must look out for. Battle Logs are scattered throughout the missions, and below is a small list of a few of them. The guide will be updated with more AC6 Combat Logs Locations, so do visit back.

  1. Infiltrate Grid 086 Combat Log Location
  2. Prisoner Rescue Battle Log Location
  3. Intercept Corporate Forces Battle Logs Location
  4. Old Spaceport Battle Log Location

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