How To Stagger Enemies In Armored Core 6

Want to immobilize your foes in AC6? You should stagger them!

Knowing how to stagger enemies in Armored Core 6 is a skill that you must absolutely know. This mechanic is especially a treat for Sekiro fans as it works a lot like the posture bar. So the basic principles of how they work are similar. Keep attacking and don’t let them rest. Sounds simple right? While yes it is, knowing which weapons to use and what type of damage to do can help you a lot. So here is how you can stun and immobilize your enemies in AC6.

How to Stagger Enemies in AC 6 (Fill Armored Core Strain Meter)

AC6 How To Stun & Immobilize Enemies

To stagger an enemy, you have to fill up their Armored Core Strain meter by continuously attacking them. Your attacks should deal more of impact damage over direct damage. The best weapons for it are missile launchers, grenade launchers, napalm launchers, and bazookas. Even some laser weapons can be excellent to deal impact damage. You can also fill up the ACS meter till half and use the Assault Armor expansion. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t give the enemy breathing room as their ACS meter will start going down.

As mentioned before, this part of the combat mechanic is similar to Sekiro. The more you hit the enemy and manage to maintain this pressure by doing chip damage, the faster will the bar fill up.

Initially, the bar is yellow, but when it gets closer to being filled it turns orange. Once it is maxed out, it will turn red and the enemy will get stunned and be immobilized for a few seconds.

After you stagger the opponent, you should unleash all your attacks on them. Not only are they unable to move for a short while, but they also won’t be able to counter them. But don’t get too aggressive, because just like the enemies. Your AC unit can also be staggered. And once you are staggered, the enemies, especially bosses can easily eliminate you.

So the best way to stun an enemy is to attack it with explosive weapons. Take the fight a bit slower and maintain the ACS bar by attacking with your regular weapons so that it stays filling.

That’s all on how to stagger enemies in AC6 and how the Armored Core Strain meter works. Be sure to also check out our other topics for this game on how to input share ID codes, beat Juggernaut, and get all combat logs in Infiltrate Grid 086.