Armored Core 6: Defeat Juggernaut (Operation Wallclimber)

Does Juggernaut appear to be unscathed by your attacks in AC6? Here is how you can beat it in no time!

During the Operation Wallclimber mission in Armored Core 6, you will have to beat HA-T-102 Juggernaut to progress the story. This is a giant enemy that will eat your attacks like they are nothing. Even though you get Rusty to help you out in this fight, it can still be quite daunting at times. So here is how you can destroy Juggernaut the heavy mobile artillery platform in AC6.

How to Beat HA-T-102 Juggernaut in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Defeat Juggernaut and complete Operation Wallclimber

To beat the Juggernaut, you must attack its back. Its front is heavily armored and you won’t be able to deal much damage with any attacks. So trying to damage it head-on is not good. Although you can attack from the front to not let the stagger bar go down.

Your goal should be to stagger it as fast as possible. This will immobilize Juggernaut like most enemies. Once it is stunned go behind it and unleash all your attacks. To get used to this attack pattern you can try acting like a decoy while your Rusty attacks it behind or let Juggernaut target it while you shoot its back. You cannot rely on your Rusty throughout the fight because it will leave you to fight alone after Juggernaut reaches 50% of its health.

The fight won’t be easy because Juggernaut has a plethora of attacks of its own. These include launching homing missiles, a barrage of machine gun fires, and most importantly, its charge attack.

Throughout this fight make sure you don’t get caught by its charge attack. Juggernaut is surprisingly fast for an enemy of its size. Not only is this attack very quick, but it also changes directions (to some extent). So make sure you fly up to dodge it. Juggernaut can also use its weapons while charging. So getting caught by this attack means death.

Dodge Juggernaut charge attack

The best weapons for this fight would be to use vertical missile launchers along with laser cannons. Vertical Missile launchers are good as they attack Juggernaut from the top. So you don’t necessarily have to worry about it always hitting it at its front. As for the Laser cannon, it is useful to deal AoE damage.

You can check out our video below to see this fight:

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