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How To Get S Rank In Armored Core 6

Completed a mission but got the B-Rank in AC6? Here is how you can get an S the next time you retry.

Unsurprisingly, it is not easy to get S Rank in missions in Armored Core 6. But if you really want to, then of course you can. Since AC6 isn’t a Soulsborne, instead of you traversing an open world you do several missions over the course of 5 chapters to complete the story. Each mission has certain objectives based upon which it decides your performance and gives you a rank. So if you want to get S Rank in AC6, here is what you do.

How to Get S Rank in Missions in Armored Core 6

how to Get S Rank in missions in Armored Core 6

  • No dying/using Checkpoints: This comes as no surprise from a FromSoftware game. One of the biggest criteria that you must always fulfill to get S rank in any mission is to not let your AC unit get destroyed. If it gets destroyed then you have to restart the mission all over again else you will just be getting an A rank at best.
  • Finish Missions Fast: Another key factor that decides the rank you get in a mission is how quickly you complete it. Even if you don’t use any checkpoints, but happen to waste too much time in an area. That could cause your rank to drop from S to A or below.
  • Don’t use too much ammo: Being resourceful is one of the most important traits of a Raven. So the fewer ammo you consume in your missions, the higher your chances of getting S rank in it. This is because, after every mission, you will be shown the charges for how much ammo you spend. The lower the Ammunition costs, the better it is for you.
  • Manage your HP: Just like how much ammo you use, the amount of HP you lose in each mission matters too. Taking lesser damage means lower repair costs. Which in turn means a better rank.
  • Doing additional tasks: While completing missions fast should be your main priority that doesn’t apply to every mission. There may be some additional tasks that upon completion can be the deciding factor between your rank being S or A.

Tips to Get S Rank in AC6

  • Use Melee Weapons: Want to save Ammo? Pulse Blade and other melee weapons are your best friend. Of course, using melee weapons means getting up close to the enemy. Make sure you plan out how to attack the enemies first before attacking. You don’t want to end up getting ambushed and losing out on health instead.
  • Keep changing your builds: Using the same AC unit in all missions might help you clear them. But when it comes to getting S Rank in them all, that isn’t the case. Make sure to try switching parts and seeing where you need speed and where you need to be a tank.

Using the above tips you should get S rank in missions easily in Armored Core 6. Be sure to also check out our other guides on how to input share ID codes, change the pilot name, and the fix for HDR not working.