How To Input Share ID Codes In Armored Core 6 (Download Decals)

Want to change parts, decals, & paint jobs for your mechs in AC6? Find out how to input Share codes or ID in Armored Core 6.

Since the mech customization is fun, you might want to input Share ID codes to download custom decals in Armored Core 6. With these shareable codes, you can download unique emblems for your mechs. While you can also change parts or apply paint jobs, adding emblems and decals offers more customization. And as these designs are shareable, you can also share these designs with your friends or other players. So, here are some of the best Image Editor codes in AC6 Fires of Rubicon.

How to Input Share Codes (ID) in Armored Core 6

input share codes armored core 6 ac6 custom decals

You can start customizing your mech once you defeat the AH12 HC helicopter during Chapter 1, Illegal Entry in AC6. Once you have beaten the first boss, you will be taken to the Garage right away for Mech customization.

So, here’s how to input Share ID codes in Armored Core 6:

  • Select the AC Design menu tile.
  • Then, select the Image Editor option and press the Downloaded tab.
  • Over there, select the grey-colored box with the download symbol. This will open a menu box to enter the Search ID codes.
  • Enter or type the Share ID codes acquired online or among your friends.
  • Lastly, press the Enter button to confirm the option.

Aside from applying decals in Armored Core 6, you will also unlock more customization options for your mechs. They are as follows:

  1. Assembly – Customize AC assemblies or parts you have available.
  2. Paint – Make Cosmetic adjustments to your AC from the Paint Menu.
  3. Decals – Apply available decals to the parts of your AC Mech.

How to Download Custom Decals in Armored Core 6

input share codes armored core 6 ac6 custom decals

You can download custom decals in AC6 by heading to the r/armoredcore Reddit thread by the community. As you head there, you will find plenty of Share IDs or codes to apply custom decals. But note that some decals are platform-locked and might not work out if using it on a different platform. For example, the custom decals for PSN will not work out on PC or Xbox consoles.

Currently, lots of Armored Core 6 custom decals are available with their Share IDs or Codes within the community. But the only problem is that players are not mentioning the platforms for them. Hopefully, the Armored Core community will ensure specifying the platforms in the future.

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Best Image Editor Codes in AC6

While you can also create decals in Armored Core 6, the Share IDs make it easier to add custom emblems. So, here are our favorite and recommended Image Editor codes:

  • RTRZ9MWATAU5 – Neon Evangelion (PC Platform)
  • E5PJ8R18Y2U8 – Praise the Sun (Xbox Platform)
  • FB1L1EDX67CG – Recreated Praise the Sun (PS Platform)
  • WY2W4Z9UFJ0P – Xbox Font logo (Xbox Platform)
  • 6G60C5VG88JE – White Berserk Branded (PC or Xbox Platform)
  • K8H96S81JZ9F – Black Berserk Branded (PC or Xbox Platform)
  • ETHV3PD95S09 – Red Berserk Branded (PC or Xbox Platform)
  • 2997DSBMNU00 – Decepticon (PC Platform)
  • 8XDQAZYYVT1B – Ghostbusters logo
  • 0KA7EQ9M5W5Y – Tis’ a bit Scratch

That’s all about how to input Share ID codes in Armored Core 6. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides to find out how to boost kick, how to unlock and play PvP Multiplayer, and explore more Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.