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How To Beat First Boss In Armored Core 6 (Illegal Entry)

Keep dying from the first Helicopter boss in AC6? Here are some tips to help you defeat it easily.

Armored Core 6’s first boss is difficult to beat for many, so here are our tips and tricks. You get this fight during the first mission Illegal Entry. In case you are just about to start playing the game, it is a tutorial for the most part. You learn how to fight, use boost, and more. Once you get to the Sunken city and connect to the fallen robot there, the PCA heavy combat helicopter appears. It will unleash every attack and if you are unable to react to them quickly they will hit and destroy you. So here is how you can defeat the AH12 Helicopter boss in AC6

How to Beat the First Boss PCA Helicopter in Armored Core 6

how to beat the first boss in Armored core 6

The best way to defeat the AH12 HC Helicopter is by staggering it. But when you are going to stagger it don’t just play aggressively, instead use your surroundings for cover. You can even build up stagger with all your attacks so no need to go for only the melee pulse blade strike.  Take the fight slow, and these tips should help you beat it easily.

  • Move around: The biggest mistake that you can make here is stand still & shoot the Helicopter. Not only will this make you an easier target for it to unleash attacks at. You won’t be able to defend yourself.
  • Try fighting from under it: The closer you are to the helicopter the better. This will make dodging its machine gun attacks very easy. You can also fly up close to it and use Assault boost (L3 or Left Stick) to close in on the gap and attack with your pulse blade. This melee attack chips away a lot of its health.fight from under the PCA Helicopter to destroy it in AC6
  • Build Stagger damage: As explained above, staggering this boss is a good way to easily deal a lot of damage to it. You can build up stagger by continuously attacking it. While the attacks you use and how much damage it causes matters, what is really important is to not let the Stagger bar reset. So whenever you aren’t close enough to attack with your pulse blade, make sure you keep attacking it with your right shoulder and right arm attacks.
  • Use covers a lot: There are plenty of covers for you to take on the ground. So while you can fly, and even dodge some attacks using Quick Dash, there are still many attacks from the helicopter that can and will easily kill you. Talking about the missile attacks specifically, you should avoid getting hit by them at all costs.Take cover and dodge attacks to beat AH12 Helicopter boss in Armored Core 6
  • Avoid getting Staggered: Just like staggering the HC Helicopter, your unit can also get staggered. While you might not be able to kill the AH12 Helicopter by staggering it once, it surely can kill you. So whatever you do, try not to let it stagger you as much as possible.
  • Stay within the boundaries of the fight: If you chase the helicopter too much, it will go outside the fighting field. But you cannot do that, so this will make your AC unit get held back by somewhat of an invisible wall. It is best you remove the target lock-on (R3 or Right stick) and move back to the center of the fighting area, and take some cover. Once the Helicopter is in, rush towards it to use your Pulse Blade or unleash other attacks.

Be sure to check out our video below, if you want to see the above tricks in action:

Use the above tricks and you can beat the first Helicopter boss in Armored Core 6 in no time. Also, don’t forget to check out our AC6 section for more help on other topics for this game like how to unlock Multiplayer.