Armored Core 6 Missions List: How Many Chapters?

Wondering how many missions and chapters are in AC6? Check out our guide to find out the list of all the Missions in Armored Core 6.

If you are wondering how many missions and chapters are in Armored Core 6, you might be looking for the complete list. While many players are complaining the missions are too short, FromSoftware made sure to give the community the best experience with two New Game modes. Once you complete the first run, you can grind on the NG+ and NG++ for new missions. These missions can be played alternatively and based on your Decisions. Not to spoil more but these choices can also define your endings in the game. So, check out our guide to find out the list of all the missions in AC6 Fires of Rubicon.

Armored Core 6 missions list ac6

How Many Chapters and Missions are there in AC6?

In total, 41 missions and five chapters branch out linearly in Armored Core 6. After completing your first playthrough, NG+ mode offers three new missions. While the NG++ on the third run offers 14 new missions for you to complete.

AC6 Missions List

Chapter 1

  • Illegal Entry
  • Destroy Artillery Installations
  • Grid 135 Cleanup
  • Destroy the Transport Helicopters
  • Destroy the Tester AC
  • Attack the Dam Complex
  • Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship
  • Operation Wall climber
  • Retrieve Combat Logs
  • Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2
  • Attack the Watchpoint

Chapter 2

  • Infiltrate Grid 086
  • Eliminate the Doser Faction
  • Ocean Crossing

Chapter 3

  • Steal the Survey Data
  • Attack the Refueling Base
  • Eliminate V.VII
  • Tunnel Sabotage
  • Survey the Uninhabited Floating City
  • Heavy Missile Launch Support
  • Eliminate the Enforcement Squads or Destroy the Special Forces Craft
  • Attack the Old Spaceport
  • Eliminate “Honest” Brute
  • Defend the Old Spaceport
  • Historic Data Recovery
  • Destroy the Ice Worm

Chapter 4

  • Underground Exploration – Depth 1
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 3
  • Intercept the Redguns or Ambush the Vespers (Decision-based mission)
  • Unknown Territory Survey
  • Reach the Coral Convergence

Chapter 5

  • Escape
  • Take the Uninhabited Floating City
  • Intercept the Corporate Forces or Eliminate Cinder Carla (Decision-based mission)
  • Breach the Karman Line or Destroy the Drive Block (Decision-based mission)
  • Shut Down the Closure Satellites or Bring Down the Xylem (Decision-based mission)

New Game+ Missions in Armored Core 6

  • Attack the Dam Complex (Chapter 1)
  • Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (Chapter 3 decision-based mission)
  • Defend the Dam Complex (Chapter 3)

New Game++ Missions in Armored Core 6

  • Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship (Chapter 1)
  • Prisoner Rescue (Chapter 1)
  • Obstruct the Mandatory Inspection (Chapter 1)
  • Attack the Watchpoint (Chapter 1)
  • Stop the Secret Data Breach (Chapter 1)
  • Survey the Uninhabited Floating City (Chapter 3)
  • Coral Export Denial (Chapter 3 Decision-based mission)
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2 (Chapter 4 mission)
  • Eliminate V.III (Chapter 4 decision-based mission)
  • Unknown Territory Survey (Chapter 4 decision-based mission)
  • Reach the Coral Convergence (Chapter 4)
  • MIA (Chapter 5)
  • Regain Control of the Xylem (Chapter 5)
  • Coral Release (Chapter 5)

That’s all about the Armored Core 6 Missions list. If you found this list helpful, check out our guides to find out how to input and share ID codes, how to manually reload your weapon, and explore more AC6 Fires of Rubicon Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.