AC6 Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log Location Guide

Attack The Dam Complex has one single battle log, and it is hard to miss. Check this guide know which enemy to kill that drops the combat log.

Attack The Dam Complex is an objective in Chapter 1 of Armored Core 6. This simple objective has a Battle Log requirement visible in the Mission objective box. Battle Logs / Combat Logs are rewarded after killing a specific enemy. There is a special Square Shape mark on the enemy when you focus on it. This shows killing it will drop additional rewards. The Mech that holds the Battle Log for this mission is hiding on the frozen lake near the Dam Walls. If you are playing the mission objectives then you can miss it easily.

Where To Find Dam Complex Battle Log?

AC6 Dam Complex Log Location

Dam Complex Battle Log is with an MT. This specific MT is guarding an area over the frozen lake. The MT is located on the right end side of the lake wall. Refer to the screenshot below to locate its exact location.

AC6 Dam Complex Log Location

When you fly high to the right you will spot the MT sitting near the wall. And this is not the easy one to kill, it has quite a powerful attack. Take down two more guards on the wall before engaging with this one. Here are some tips on how to defeat the Dam Wall MT.

  • Maintain good distance while attacking.
  • Dodge incoming projectiles.
  • Use combos and boosts to stun the enemy.

This 4-Legged Robot is fast on the frozen lake, so you have to be quick with controls. When this is done you can then complete the remaining objective to finish the mission.

Battle Logs or Combat lots carry additional rewards. Completing the entire mission with the Battle Log collection can give you 190,000 Coam. A kind of sweat deal for killing one four-legged monster. Battle Logs are a kind of collectibles in AC6 that can help you earn some rare trophies. For more details on trophies, you can our AC6 Trophies Guide.

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