Best Core Expansions In Armored Core 6

Not sure if you should use the Terminal or Pulse Armor? These are the best AC6 Core Expansions.

If you want to make your AC Unit powerful in Armored Core 6 then you should get & use Core Expansions. There are 4 of them in the game now, each of them offering different powers. Depending on your playstyle they can help you decide the course of battle and turn your loss into a win. But not all of the expansions are created equally. While one is more focused on the offense the other three are very defensive. So here are the best Core Expansions in Armored Core 6.

Best Core Expansions to Use in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 best core expansions

The best core expansion in this game is Assault Armor. It has a lot of offensive capabilities, so if you aren’t exactly comfortable with fights then you can easily deal a lot of normal and stun damage thanks to this armor. Alternatively, the second-best core expansion in the game is the Pulse Armor. This is for players who need help with their defenses and are dying quite often in battle. Below you can find what each expansion has to offer:

Assault Armor

You can use the assault armor to quickly make a shockwave that not only damages the enemies within its radius. It also lets you cancel all incoming enemy attacks that get under the shockwave. Use it to deal 1,500 damage this is what will chip the enemy’s health away. That’s not all, it also does 2000 impact damage, which basically builds the enemy stagger. Depending on the number of charges you have, you can use it up to a total of 3 times after the cooldowns are over.

Go to the OS Tuning menu and you can buy it for 1 OST Chip.

Pulse Armor

If shockwaves aren’t your thing then you could try using a shield. Pulse armor creates a pulse barrier around your AC unit. This barrier lasts for 10 seconds unless it takes all the damage. Using it you can take 3300 damage from enemies, once the barrier is down the rest of the attacks will hit you like usual. So make sure you move around a lot, this is one of its bigger perks and what separates it from Pulse Protection.

Go to the OS Tuning menu and you can buy it for 2 OST Chip.

Pulse Protection & Terminal Armor

Pulse Protection is a bigger and more restrictive version of the version of the above Core Expansion. While it gives you 4000 damage protection and it even lasts longer the tradeoff is the barrier is made at a fixed position. As for Terminal Armor, it activates when your AC unit is at its critical AP damage. So it gives you 20K damage protection for 2 seconds. This expansion might be useful in the late game, but in the early game you are better off using the first 3 core expansions

How to Get & Use Core Expansions in Armored Core 6

how to get and use core expansions in Armored Core 6

  1. Go to the Arena and fight the mecha to earn OST Chips.
  2. Now go back to the OS Tuning option.
  3. Here spend the OS Tuning chips that you earned on Core Expansions.
  4. Make sure to add the Expansion on your AC Unit after unlocking it as it doesn’t apply automatically.

To use your Core Expansion press L3 or Left Stick with Triangle or Y buttons on your controller.

That’s all on the best core expansions and how to get & use them in Armored Core 6. You should also check out our guides on how to beat the first boss, share input codes, and unlock boost kick.