AC6 Operation Wall Climber Battle Log Location Guide

There is one single Combat Log in Operation Wall Climber and one Data Log. Make sure you do not miss this one.

Operation Wall Climber is a part of Chapter 1 of Armored Combat 6. This location has a single Battle Log and a Data Log. It is extremely easy to miss if you are not focusing on the mission objectives. So if you are passing through the huge wall do check the Operation Wall Climber Battle Log location discussed in this guide. The objective of Operation Wall Climber is to attack the base and destroy enemy craft. Battle Log falls in the extra rewards based on the number of enemies destroyed during this mission.

How to find Battle Log in Operation Wall Climber (AC6)

AC6 Operation Wall Climber

At the start of the mission, the first objective is to “Destroy the city Gatling Cannon and tetrapod MT“. To complete this objective you will have to destroy the three named MTs in the region. They are mostly located in a line near the roads, so it is not that complicated to locate them.

AC6 Operation Wall Climber MT Location

Check the image sample above, ride to the spot, clear up the enemies in the area, and destroy all three MTs in the region. One of them will reward you with the battle log. Also, there is Text Data, hidden on the edge of the wall in the same mission. You can also add this to your inventory.

Wall Climber Data Log Location

To find the same after using the Gravity Lift travel to the extreme right corner and climb up on the platform, walk a little ahead, and look in the left corner, you will find the Data Log.

Collecting all Battle Logs will unlock a Trophy in AC6. So it is a kind of sweet reward to hunt down all of them. The majority of these Battle Logs are rewarded automatically while killing enemies. But some of them can be missed easily. Like Battle Log in Underground Exploration Depth 2. There are in total three battle logs in this mission and two of them are in the same room. And the room is quite hidden, In case you reached Chapter 4, do check the link for the Battle Logs location.

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