How To Get To Whetstone In Starfield (Location)

Here is where you can find the Whetstone restaurant in Starfield.

During your various expeditions to the different planets, you might want the location to get to Whetstone in Starfield in New Atlantis. It is a fancy restaurant known for the best cut of meat in all of the Settled Systems. This place is close to the Enhance Clinic where you can go if you want to change your name, pronouns, or appearance. Here you can talk to Warner Connell to get the Beautiful Secrets quest. So if you do start with the quest, here is where you can find Whetstone and what you need to collect from here.

How to Find Whetstone in Starfield

How To Get To Whetstone In Starfield

You can find Whetstone in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. Here is how you can get there:

  1. Go to the Jemison planet of the Alpha Centauri system.
  2. Here, hover over the Mast District option.
  3. Now, select the Commercial District and Travel there.
  4. Once you reach here turn left and go up toward the Valberg building.
  5. Keep going straight and you will reach Whetstone in no time!

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How to Get Enhance Patient Files for Beautiful Secrets

  1. Go to the Whetstone restaurant.
  2. Turn left after entering and on the other side of the restaurant you will find the Enhance! Patient Files.
  3. Take it and go back to the Enhance System.
  4. Now, return the slate to Warner.

That’s it for how you can get to Whetstone in Starfield and the Enhance Patient Files location. If you found this guide helpful and need more help on other topics then check out our Starfield section.

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