Starfield: Should You Keep Or Destroy Hurst’s Ship?

Governor Hurst’s ship is quite interesting in Starfield, here is if you should keep or destroy it.

During the Red Tape Runaround quest, you will come across Hurst’s ship in Starfield and might wonder if you can keep it or if you should destroy it. You can see things are fishy because he is fine with his ship being destroyed. To make things harder when you try to pilot it you get the “You are not authorized to pilot this ship.”. So here is everything that is going on and how you can use this chance to make some quick money for yourself.

Can You Keep Hurst’s Ship in Starfield? (Pilot it)

Should You Blackmail Hurst And Keep Or Destroy His Ship In Starfield

No, for whatever reason this is one of the ships that you cannot use for yourself. You might be considering that it isn’t available because your piloting skills might not be high enough. But even after you max it out, the ship still stays unusable. So your best bet is to take Hurst’s documents. You can then choose to abandon the ship or to destroy it.

Should You Blackmail Or Turn In Hurst to the Authorities?

If you are looking to play morally right then you should turn in Governor Hurst to the Authorities. To do that:

  1. Go to the UC Security office in Cydonia.
  2. Talk to CDR Woodard here.
  3. Give him the evidence you found on the ship.
  4. The authorities will take it from here by removing him from power.

In case you want to fill up your pockets then blackmailing him is the route you want to take.

  1. Talk to Governor Hurst and pick the dialogue “How about you pay me a little extra to keep this quiet?”.
  2. He will pay you anywhere between 12000 to 17000 Credits.

The best part is if you have two sets of evidence on you. You can first blackmail him and after getting the money still turn him in.

That’s all for the answer to can you keep Hurst’s ship in Starfield. For more help on this game, you can also check our guides on what to loot, the best spacesuit tier list, and if you can transmog.

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