How To Change Name In Starfield (Easily)

Don't like when Vasco doesn't call you GoofyGoober5 in Starfield? You should change your name.

Starfield allows its players to change their names at any point in the game. There are many reasons why you might want to get a new one. It could be due to you not being happy with it. Maybe it is because Vasco doesn’t call you properly and just stops at saying captain. Or you might want to leave behind your old criminal life and settle on your newest favorite planet (your name change shouldn’t save you from that). So whatever your reason might be, here is how you can do that.

How to Change Your Name in Starfield

Starfield How To Change Character Name

You can change your name at any Enhance Clinic by paying 500 Credits to them. This will not only let you rename your character but the service lets you change your pronouns and appearance as well. You can find these clinics in most major cities. For this example, let us check how you can do it in New Atlantis.

  1. Fast Travel to the Commercial District of New Atlantis.
  2. You can find it to the right of Terrabrew Coffee shop.
  3. Go to the counter and talk to Warner.
  4. Here, choose “I’d like to make use of your services.”
  5. It will now open up the Genetic Salon menu.
  6. Now, you can change your Body Type, Walk Style, Skin Tone, Face, and more. These are all optional if you only want to change the name.
  7. Press R to get the Complete Profile popup.
  8. Here, enter your new name and press Enter.
  9. Finally, you press R to confirm these changes.

Once done your character will have a new name.

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