Can you Kill Everyone in Watch Dogs Legion? Is this Possible?

Watch Dogs Legion has over 9 Million APC (All Playable Character). What if you kill everyone?

In Watch Dogs Legion you are open to recruiting anyone from the city. From a Granny to a pro Hitman all are ready to fight for DedSec. Only if you can help them out they are more than happy to lend a hand in the freedom fight. But what if you kill everyone in Watch Dogs Legion? Is this possible? We will discuss the very core of the Watch Dogs Legion mechanism, the APC’s. With over 9 Million characters to play with Watch Dogs Legion has become a game without limits. So what happens if you kill them all?

Watch Dogs Legion – Can You Kill Everyone?

Yes, you can kill everyone in Watch Dogs Legion. But there is a way of doing this. Most of the characters in the game usually respawn when you are playing a mission. To kill them permanently you will have to turn on the Permadeath feature first. When Permadeath is on, an operative killed during the gameplay will not respawn back.

Watch Dogs Legion Kill All

Watch Dogs Legion has over 9 Million playable characters. You have to recruit them all one by one and then do something to kill them. They will not respawn back in the game and as it sounds, it will take ages to complete this. If you go straight by pulling out your gun and shooting people then they will be back.

This is how the game works. You have to recruit every walking citizen in London and then die. Either by playing missions, or jumping off a building, or doing stunts from a cargo drone. All is possible, when the character dies it goes missing from the Team page. On the contrary, when Permadeath is off they get critically injured and appear after some time.

Watch Dogs Legion Kill All

There is another mode in Watch Dogs Legion, the Iron Man mode. When you are playing this game in this you cannot turn off Permadeath in between. You have to make sure skilled operatives like the Hitman or Anarchist don’t die during the missions.

Practically you can kill everyone in Watch Dogs Legion but that is going to take a very very long time. If you are determined to recruit millions of operatives and then put them in the pit of death then do try. Till then stay tuned to GamerTweak and do not forget to check our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide for more tips and tricks.