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Valheim: How To Obtain And Farm Pine Cones

Get your hands on some Pine Cones with this method.

Yet another resource that players may want to get are Pine Cones in Valheim. Where to find Pine Cones and can you farm them? Is there any specific biome where you can get their location? Keep reading to know more.

How to Get Pine Cones in Valheim?

how to farm pine valheim

To get Pine Cones, you have to chop down Pine trees present in the Black Forest biome as get them as drops. Keep in mind that the drop rate is pretty low so you have to keep chopping more and more Pine trees. In case you want to use a spawn item console command to get this material, you have to open up the console using F5 on your keyboard and type devcommands.  Make sure to enable console commands by reading this article here. After that, type the spawn PineCone console command to spawn this item.

Pine trees are tall and have thin trunks. You can chop it down with a Stone axe as the basic tool or anything higher than that. There will be an abundance of Pine as well as Fir trees in this biome but also a lot of Greydwarves present here, so be careful.

How to Farm Pine Cones?

You can use the Cultivator to get more Pine Trees and farm Pine Cones. Note that you have to wait some days in-game until it gets to its full size. In case you are not sure how long the days and nights are in Valheim, check out our linked guide.

Moreover, there has to be some space around the seeds so that they can grow into full trees easily. If that’s not there, the trees won’t get to their full size. Once you have obtained Pine Cones, you can easily teleport them because there is no restriction related to them.

That’s all about how to get Pine Cones in Valheim. This is just one material that you will need, for everything else, there’s our Valheim wiki. Plus, find out more hidden secrets in the game below: