How To Tell The Time In Valheim

Find out more about the Day Night Cycle in Valheim and know how to tell the time of day.

It is tiring being a Viking. The days are long and arduous and there are dangerous enemies around. Your life is at constant risk from the elements and many a time you have to burn the midnight oil. If only there was a way to make a schedule for the day so that you can get some all-important Nordic beauty sleep. Well since its the medieval times you can’t really craft a watch too. So how do you get around this conundrum? Well, fear not as we tell you how to tell the time in Valheim and how the day-night cycle works.

How to Tell Time of Day in Valheim

Learn how to read time using the Day-Night Cycle.
Become a classy Viking and learn how to Tell the Time of the Day.

There is no official way to tell time in Valheim as of now. But redditor u/theposhshark managed to craft and build a sundial that works fantastically when it’s sunny out. This helps you to know the time of the day in a slightly primitive manner. While it still has its issues like the fact you cant move it around or that it doesn’t work when it’s raining. But, something better than nothing.

Working Sun Dial from valheim

As you may already know, it is pretty important to know to read time as the Biomes get quite a bit dangerous at night. At night the biomes spawn even more enemies than usual. So, players have come up with in-game clocks such as the one shown above.

What is the Day-Night Cycle in Valheim?

The day in Valheim is 21 minutes long whereas the nighttime lasts for 9 minutes. You can know it’s nighttime when the “You are feeling Cold” message pops up in the game. The dawn of a new day is marked by the popup “Day (Number)”. When you do sleep in your bed in the game the night will be skipped.

This is everything you need to know about how to tell and read Time in Valheim and How the day-night Cycle functions in the game. For more information about the game have a look at our comprehensive Valheim Wiki Guide.