Valheim: What To Do After Last Boss?

What to do after defeating the final boss and completing the game? These are the things you can do.

Valheim has created a community of supportive and addicted players who have completed hours and hours of gameplay already. The game is in early access at the time of writing but the early access version of the game is packed with a lot of resources, enemies and bosses. But what to do after the last boss? What can players do after beating the game? Well, there’s so much you can do. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to do to level up your Viking lifestyle.

What to Do after Beating Valheim’s Final Boss?

Things To Do After Beating Valheim

While you are waiting for the next update in Valheim’s DLC roadmap, you can keep yourself busy with loads of things. This will help you upgrade your equipment, your character and also make you ready for the main launched game which will have more biomes and bosses.

Upgrade your stations and gear to the highest quality

You will come across even tougher bosses in the updates to come, so it’s best to have all the weapons, armor of the best tier available. This will need a lot of resources so keep this as a goal while you are waiting for more content to be added in Valheim. If you haven’t grabbed the best armor in the game, check out our Valheim armor tier list to know how to do it. Make sure you have all the top weapons as well. You can store your materials in chests since you will run out of inventory space soon enough.

Keep stock of all the essential resources in good quantities

To avoid running out of the materials you need the most in the game, make sure to head out to various biomes and gather an abundance of resources. You need to get your hands on the rare ores and materials in this ‘free time’ you have got, so make the most of it.

Improve the look and style of your base

You may have already seen the detailed bases players are creating in the game and you can make something like that too. Decide if you want to build a Viking longhouse or something that resembles a wooden castle. Anything works, let your creativity shine.

Protect your home with the best defenses

It’s crucial to keep your home safe from dangers so plan out various ways to do it and make it happen. Add wooden spikes, fences, trenches or any other types of defenses to protect your base. You can also use Wards if you like.

Play the boss fights again

Did you know that you can replay boss fights? Yes, you can summon them again and beat them with the newer weapons or armor that you have obtained after initially defeating them. You can try out new strategies as well and see what works better. It’s the perfect way to train yourself for the upcoming monsters.

That’s everything you can do in the game after beating it and hopefully that answers your question of what to do after the last boss in Valheim. It’s such a detailed game that there is always something to do in it. In case you need more help with the world you are in, our Valheim wiki will tell you all about it.