Valheim: How To Defend Base Against Trolls And Other Enemies

Wondering how to defend your base against Trolls or other enemies that attack during raids? Here are some of the best tips to protect your house easily.

Many of you have put your blood, sweat and tears into creating your base the way you want in the game. But the biomes are a dangerous place and Trolls or other creatures can attack it. Trolls, especially, can cause heavy destruction and you don’t really want that to happen to all your hard work. You will know when they are coming to attack your base when you see a red circle on the mini map and the music alerts you of it as well. If you are confused about what to do to protect your home during this event, keep reading this article on how to defend base against Trolls and other enemies in Valheim.

How to Defend your Base in Valheim (Best Tips)

Here are a few things you should keep in mind and do beforehand to defend your base in case Trolls or other enemies attack.

tips to defend base against trolls
image credit: nooblets youtube

Surround your base with Stake walls, stone walls or any other type of defensive structure. Sharp Stakes is one such structure that needs 6 Wood and 4 Core Wood to craft. These will deal damage and also give knockback to those creatures or players that interact with the sharp end of it. Stake walls, on the other hand, need 4 Wood to craft.

Make sure you have a Hammer with you so that you can repair the things that get damaged.

Trolls will follow you so the best thing you can do is kite them far from your house. This creature can spawn with a log that will deal AOE damage and also throw rocks at you. So to avoid this damage, lure them away from your base.

You can also create another layer of protective structures so that enemies have a little extra area to destroy before they do some real damage.

raid proof base valheim
image credit: nooblets youtube

Create a Moat around your base which will keep enemies away. Don’t forget to build a bridge so that you can get to your home easily.

You can also set up towers around your home so that you can have a better view of incoming enemies.

For more tips on how to defeat Trolls in Valheim, check out our linked article. It’s much better if you have other friends along with you who will attack and kite this enemy.

That’s all you have to remember to be able to defend base against Trolls and other smaller enemies in Valheim. To know more such tips and tricks to be the best Viking in this game, check out our Valheim wiki right away.