Valheim Memes: 16 Best Funny And Relatable Memes From Reddit

Here are the Best Valheim Memes that will have you dying of laughter. Check out these Relatable & Funny Memes about this survival game here.

Any game that reaches a peak of popularity ends up being meme material and Valheim is no different. You can’t deny it – this game has made the entire gaming world sit up and take notice. Now, due to the fact that there’s so much to do in this Viking-themed survival game, players are coming up with some hilarious memes that are super relatable. Some memes are about base building, while some are about Trolls destroying that very base. So, here are some of the funniest Valheim Memes that have been shared online by players and fans of the game. Warning – they might leave you in hysterics!

Best and Funniest Valheim Memes

funny valheim memes

We’ve picked some of the most hilarious Valheim Memes from reddit which is unarguably the best source to get memes about anything. We hope you enjoy scrolling through these memes as much as we did. It doesn’t matter if you have spent 10 hours or 100+ hours playing this awesome game, you will relate to each and every meme listed below.

Low Poly but High Fun

AAA developer watching a $20 Lo Poly game do better than their ultra realistic $400 million budget game. from valheim

The Swamp…the dang Swamp…

When your friends are still at work and the swamps are too scary to go alone from valheim

He’s Playing Mine Games

Yes baby from valheim

It Do Be Like That

It’s about priorities from valheim

Practice Makes Perfect

Sushi delivery from valheim

Loads of Action Guaranteed

POV: You just finished your base next to the Black Forest from valheim

We’ve Got a Loooong Night Ahead

"Let’s get some copper, guys" from valheim

How does EVERYONE have a Better House than Me?

Anyone else feel like this? from valheim

It’s a Full Time Job, Guys

Yesterday I played 14 hours straight from valheim

This Valheim Meme is Right in the Feels

It be like that sometimes from valheim

The Smartest Strategy

I know which game Odin is *really* with. from valheim

The Valheim Addiction is Real

My first days playing Valheim be like from valheim

So Needy

How it feels trying to keep the smelters running from valheim

Me Very Scared

Me scared from valheim


Black Forest scary from valheim

The Dangers of the Plains

Exploring Plains be like from valheim

Valheim is getting more and more popular as time goes by, breaking records that have been held by other games for a long time. It’s quite a huge feat in itself and with a small indie team, getting this achievement is an even bigger accomplishment.

In case you are facing any issues while playing this game or are having trouble hunting for resources or killing bosses, we’ve got you covered. Check out our latest Valheim guides for hidden tips and tricks as well as more helpful stuff in our Valheim wiki.