Valheim: How To Get On Raft Or Boat In Water

For those players who have fallen in water and are losing stamina rapidly need to use this trick to get back on the raft or boat.

Are you finding it tough to get back on the raft or boat after you have fallen in the water? You are not alone. Maybe a Sea Serpent has attacked you and you fell. Heck, even the best of the Vikings can lose balance and fall off. It happens. This game is super fun but it doesn’t explain everything to you upfront. There’s a lot you have to figure out yourself so to save your time, we will tell you how to get back on the Raft or Boat after falling in the water.

How to Get Back on the Raft or Boat after Falling in Water

Swimming in Valheim drains a lot of stamina so you should get back on your boat as soon as possible. All you have to go to get back on it is to use the Ladder that will be on the side. Use E to interact with the Ladder and you will be back in the boat. For those who have a raft, you have to use the Ladder at the back of the Raft to jump onto the Raft.

how to get on raft after falling in water
The Ladder on your Raft (or Boat) will come to your rescue after falling in water.

That’s all you have to do to regain control as a Viking on your boat and continue your journey across the seas. You will have to do it often because most of the rare resources and materials won’t be found on your starting island, you have to venture out to get them all. In case you need help with the sailing controls in the game, our Raft guide will help you out. Make sure to protect the boat you are using though, because players are reporting that their boats are disappearing and there are multiple reasons why this is happening. Remember to anchor your boat properly to avoid this from happening.

Moreover, if you want to know how to get a Longship in the game as well, we’ve got you covered. For more help right from the beginning of the game till the very end, our Valheim wiki will guide you through it.