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Valheim: How To Unlock Odin Armor Set

Here's how to unlock the Hood of Odin and Cape of Odin armor pieces in Valheim.

Did you know that there is Odin Armor available in Valheim? Wondering if you can get your hands on this set? Since Odin, the AllFather’s name, is attached to it, this piece of armor surely seems to be special. To know more, look no further, because this article will show you the way. Here’s how to get Odin Armor in Valheim.

How to Get Odin Armor Set in Valheim


Players can get Odin Armor in Valheim which includes Hood of Odin (Helmet) and Cape of Odin through a Steam code. Basically, these armor pieces (referred to as DLC items) is for those testers of the game who have been following the development process since long. This Steam code has been sent via Email by Iron Gate Studios to those early supporters of Valheim Beta. If you had signed up for that, make sure to check your email to get the code. If not, you can ask online if anyone has an extra key that you can get from them.

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According to Valheim’s wiki, you will have to use a Workbench to get these DLC armor pieces which needs 10 Leather scraps and 4 Coal for each item. You can get Leather Scraps as a drop from Boars or you can obtain them from chests in the Meadows. Plus, you can also mine them from the Muddy Scrap Piles in the Swamp biome’s Sunken Crypts. Of course, you need a Pickaxe to harvest them.


For Coal, you can fight Surtlings to get them as drops, craft it using Charcoal Kiln or find it in chests randomly. The fastest way, though, is to obtain it by overcooking meat on the Cooking Station. Let the food burn until it’s black and that’s your Coal. Once you have the necessary items, you can craft it at your Workbench.

Can you Spawn these Armor Items using Console Commands?

Although not everyone can get their hands on this special Hood of Odin and Cape of Odin, we hope there is some way other players can also obtain it in-game in the future somehow. If you prefer to use an item spawn console command, you can type devcommands in the console and use the command spawn HelmetOdin and spawn CapeOdin. Make sure to enable console commands by reading this article here. We did the same and managed to spawn the items but then the game popped up a DLC required message. 


how to get odin armor valheim dlc items

That’s everything about how to get Odin Armor in Valheim. Because of its name, this armor set will probably be the best in the game. But we will have to wait for updates to see what happens. Until then, check out our Valheim armor tier list and how to get them all as you level up.