Valheim: What are the Best Cheats in the Game

Best Cheats to make the game easy for you in Valheim.

Valheim is a Survival based RPG. The game is notorious for its complex gameplay and difficult game mechanics that work well with its retro-esque graphics. This has allowed the game to form a following of hardcore fans. However, for new and unsuspecting players the game might be a bit off-putting as it is difficult right from the get-go. This is where having cheat codes is a handy tip. In this guide, we have ranked and told you our choice of the Best Cheats that are available in Valheim.

What are the Best Cheats in Valheim

Mentioned below are our picks of some of the Best Cheats in Valheim.

Kill All Enemies

Have you come across those pesky Greylings or those downright annoying Trolls that are getting in your way while you are foraging for resources. Well, no need to worry any further as there is a fix. In the Cheats menu (Learn how to activate Cheats by clicking on the linked article) you just have to type in ‘killall’.

Enter Creative Mode

The Creative Mode is one of the best in-game modes you can use for a stress-free experience. Have a look at the interlinked article to get more information about it, but, in short, you just have to type in ‘debugmode’ to activate this cheat.

Unlock the World Map

The World Map in Valheim is one of its unique characteristics. It only unlocks a small area around you and is completely random for each user. This makes finding different Biomes very difficult. This too can be fixed with a smile cheat which is ‘exploremap’.

Using God Mode

This is one of the most useful cheats in Valheim. This makes your character completely invincible which allows you to jump around and slay as many enemies as you want. All you have to do is to enter ‘god’ in the Cheats menu.

Spawn any Item

All Valheim players know how stressful and annoying it is to actually go and find resources. The best thing to do is to just use a Cheat ‘spawn (item) (quantity) (level)’. Here’s the list of items you can spawn.

Raise Skill Level

Skill Level is pretty important to progress in the game. It builds up pretty slowly in the game and can be quite frustrating in the long run. A simple trick is just to use ‘raiseskill (skill) (amount)’.

These are our choices of the Best Cheats in Valheim. Learn more about the game by having a look at the complete Valheim Wiki Guide.