Valheim: World Map Size

Here's everything you need to know about Valheim World Map Size.

There is a lot to explore in the huge size world map in Valheim. There are 9 different biomes, different creatures, and bosses to slain to prove you worthy to Odin. To enter Valhalla you need to survive and eventually tame this realm. But sometimes when you leave behind the comfort of the Meadows and traverse forests, swamps, and mountains while tracking forsaken bosses, you might wonder “How big is this realm? What is the size of Valheim?” So lot’s let’s explore the sheer size of Valheim together.

What Is the Valheim World Map Size?

Based on some clear calculations, Reddit user u/Patchumz figured out the size of the Valheim map to be 10,000 meters/tiles in each direction from the center. So total diameter size of the Valheim map is  20,000m. u/HowBigistheMap made a YouTube video where he walked across the entire map in 4 hours and 41 minutes.

The one thing that many players get confused about is that the world of Valheim is spherical like Earth. Even the world map shows us a spherical globe-like map which makes us think if there is more to explore on another side, or even you can circumnavigate the world. But make no mistake, unlike Midgard Valheim is a totally different realm. The rules apply differently here.

Valheim is a flat disk-like world where you can even fall off from the edge. If you sail till the end of the map, instead of popping up on the other side of the map, you will fall off to your death with all your weapons, gear, and loot in your Longship. So to quench your curiosity for knowledge here’s a YouTube video from Grasshyren about what happens when you go over the edge of the map. Good luck collecting your loot back from the edge of the world.

We also played with some cheats and codes to jump over the map and explore a bit more for you below. Enjoy the video.

So, that’s all that’s known about Valheim wold map size. But while you are here, & want to know some more hidden tips and tricks, why not check out our Valheim wiki? It’s a treasure chest of information you don’t want to miss.