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Trials of Mana Remake: Post-Game Unlocks & New Game Plus Mode

There's a lot to do even after the game ends.

Trials of Mana Remake gives players an opportunity to play the game multiple times and get different results based on the characters and Classes you choose. This provides players a chance to get stronger or completely new characters to play with. But apart from the main game, there are some more post-game unlockables that you can enjoy. In this guide, you will know what to do after the game ends and the credits roll. You will also find out what is New Game Plus mode in Trials of Mana Remake.

Post-Game and New Game Plus Guide

This is everything you will get in the post-game section of Trials of Mana Remake.

Unlock Tier 4 Classes

One of the best things you can unlock in the post-game is the Tier 4 class for your characters. You can upgrade your abilities and boost your stats as well as get some new costumes. Here’s a handy guide on how to unlock Tier 4 classes.

Beat Anise (Post-Game Boss)

In the post-game, you will encounter a tough boss named Anise who has a Witch form as well as a deadlier Dragon-like serpent form. She will be found in Anise’s Stockade and before she unleashes her wrath upon you, you will be informed that she intends to destroy the world. What will unfold next is a challenging boss fight, but don’t worry, these are some strategies to use to defeat Anise in Trials of Mana Remake.

Once you beat her, you will unlock New Game+. More on this below. For now, it’s time to save your game and go back to fight her again. Why? Well, there is a Time Trial mode that will give you special rewards for beating Anise under a certain time limit.

Time Trial Mode

If you also manage to beat Anise in the time-trial mode, you can be eligible for some chain abilities.

  • Defeat Anise within 6 minutes and you will unlock the Chaos Protection chain ability. The difficulty needs to be normal. This chain ability will boost the CS gauge of all companions to 100 percent.
  • If you defeat her within 4 minutes, you will earn the Dark Power chain ability. The difficulty needs to be hard. This chain ability will give 100% HP recovery to all party members at the start of the battle.
  • Lastly, if you defeat her under the 2-minute mark, you will get the Mana Miracle chain ability. In this case, the difficulty needs to be hard as well. With this ability, any items you use during the battle will not be spent.

What is New Game Plus Mode?

New Game+ will basically let you start the main story all over again, but this time with some things carried over and some things reset.

What gets carried over in New Game Plus?

  • All the items, chain abilities that enhance stats and EXP, money (Lucre), Li’l Cactus findings and weapons and armor that you have earned.
  • You will go back to your starting class. Your training points will be reset, but don’t worry, they will remain.
  • You won’t be able to take the tier 4 class items and key items from your previous playthrough.
  • Abilities, spells and also skills cannot be carried to the New Game Plus mode.

New Chain Abilities Unlocked

Love of Mana will be unlocked which is a chain ability that will provide a whopping 300% multiplier to EXP earned after beating opponents. Faerie will give this ability and it will end up being one of the best Chain abilities.

You get some more chain abilities as well, depending on which characters you used to beat the game. Take a look at the stat boosts characters get:

  • Duran gets the Spirit Bond Chain ability which increases the Base defense by 200.
  • Angela gets the Passion Bond Chain ability which increases the base magic attack by 50.
  • Riesz gets the Faith Bond Chain ability which increases the Base HP by 200.
  • Kevin gets the Instinct Bond Chain ability which increases the Base attack by 50.
  • Charlotte gets the Sincere Bond Chain ability which increases the Base magic defense by 50.
  • Hawkeye gets the Fellow Bond Chain ability which increases the Base luck by 50.

If you do manage to beat the Black Rabite, even the Obsidian Power chain ability can be carried over.

What to do in New Game Plus Mode?

With this New Game Plus Mode, you can play again with new characters and experience the game with a new perspective. You can also farm item seeds if you wish since it will get much easier with such higher-level characters.

So, this is all about the post-game unlockables in Trials of Mana Remake, as well as the New Game+ Mode. This mode provides the best way to go through various playthroughs of the game and keep earning newer powers and abilities. For more such guides, check out our Trials of Mana Remake Tips and Tricks section.