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Trials Of Mana Remake Ability Guide – How to Boost Stats

The best usage of training points

You will earn training points upon level points. Similar to skills point you can use them to upgrade your character in the game. In this Trials Of Mana Remake ability and stats allocation guide, you can learn how to use those points to increase five attributes for every character. It is necessary to invest the points in the right attribute to make your character stronger in Trials Of Mana Remake.

How to allocate Training Points to the best stats?


Training point will help you to upgrade five necessary attributes of each character. They are Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, Spirit, and Luck. These attributes are character stats and each playable character features unique distributions of these attributes. This affects their overall performance in the Trials of Mana. They are displayed in the following format

  1. Strength – STR (Physical Damage)
  2. Stamina – STA (Increase HP + Defense)
  3. Intelligence – INT (Increase Magic + Reduce Magic Damage)
  4. Spirit – SPRT (Increase non-offensive, support Healing)
  5. Luck – (Increase Critical Hit chance)

Investing Training points to specific attributes like STR or STA you will unlock abilities. There are two types of abilities Passive or Active. Passive Abilities boost HP, Defense, or attack power while Active Abilities focus on boosting spells and techniques. So here the goal is to unlock the right kind of ability by investing Training Points to the right attribute in Trials of Mana Remake.


Investing Training Points to the right attribute relies on the Character Class. This will help you to determine which attribute to develop and which to ignore. So here it is necessary to focus on the class and then you can use training points to develop a character attribute. For example, Duran can be best as Warrior in Class 1 or Knight in Class 2. He is good as Duelist in Class 3 and best as Divine Hero in Class 04.

Depending on the class you can easily figure out where you want to put your Training points. And if you want Reset Training Point in Trials of Mana Remake then you can also do that. Which will help you to reallocate all the points to the right attribute to level up your character.

Here is a list of some of the best basic abilities for each character. If you are unsure which abilities to cultivate then try focusing on the below ones.


  1. Duran – Armor Break – 50% More Armor Reduction Value for Normal Attacks.
  2. Angela – Holy Bolt – Get more damage radius with light magic.
  3. Kevin – Conflagration – +15% Damage when HP is below 30%.
  4. Charlotte – Heal Light – Restore HP of friends.
  5. Hawkeye – Drop Up – +5% more item drop rate.
  6. Riesz – Counterattack – +10% attack power for 30 seconds.

There are still more abilities to unlock, you can check the details properly and focus on improving your character strength in Trails of Mana Remake.