Anise Boss Fight: How to Defeat Anise in Trials of Mana Remake

She has two deadly forms

In Trials of Mana, you will encounter a wide array of bosses like Fullmetal Hugger, Zehnoa and more. One such enemy is the post-game boss named Anise. She’s an important villain who appears as a Witch in her first form. Later, she transforms into Dragon Anise who unleashes fast lethal attacks and spells. Her demonic form is huge and she is quite a tough boss. In this boss fight guide, you will know how to defeat Anise in Trials of Mana Remake.

Trials of Mana Anise Boss Guide

You will meet Anise in Anise’s Stockade X, where she will appear amidst a dark fog, signaling her inner evil. She will express her desire to destroy the world. It is also revealed that Anise is so powerful that she is as strong as the Goddess of Mana and that’s saying something. This fight won’t be easy but if you follow some tips given below, you’ll be able to do it.

The first thing that you should remember is that you have to be at least level 75 to fight Anise. Before heading into the battle, make sure to have ample healing and stat boosting items with you because you will need it.

Strategies to Tackle Anise’s Witch form and Serpent form

To beat Anise’s first form, you need to break the crystals that she creates around the battlefield. These crystals basically give her skills and protection. When you break these crystals, you will essentially block her from receiving power from them.

Once you do this, keep attacking Anise to further weaken her. When she receives quite a bit of damage, she will change to her second phase where she becomes this hideous dragon-like, serpent-esque monster.


Anise becomes faster and stronger this time. She will use dark spells and teleport quickly. Try your best to dodge her attacks. Most of her attacks in this form will be AoE. Let’s take a look at what Dragon Anise can do and how to tackle her attacks.

Arctic Beam

Anise will focus her attention on one team member and render them immobile temporarily with her Arctic Beam.


destructobomb-dragon-aniseIn this attack, red circles will appear at the circumference of the battle area which will quickly appear in the center, causing explosions and damaging anything and anyone in its way. To dodge this, you can change your position fast and move to the center (when the marked area is along the boundary) and then run outwards (when the marked area is at the center).

Scarlet Dust

During your fight with Dragon Anise, you will have to smash these multiple dark crystals scattered around the arena until no more crystals are created by her.

Fire Attacks

Anise will attack your party members with fireballs. This is one of her attacks where she disappears and reappears suddenly with a blast of fire. The marked areas will tell you which places to completely avoid during this attack.

Gush Blast

gush-blast-dragon-aniseWhen Anise vanishes, prepare yourself for a Gush Blast where she will unleash a powerful beam that deals significant damage. If you are prepared beforehand and take quick action right as she begins this attack, you can dodge it.

Some More Attacks

You will also notice dark clouds appearing which start raining and causing damage. Anise will also summon an earthquake, cyclone and thunderstorm sometimes. Another specialty of hers is elemental magic attacks which she will use frequently.

Anise will also unleash icy spikes that pop out of the ground under a character. She has a lot more dark spells and attacks which need to be dodged because if you are caught in it, you will be nuked. If not spells, she will attack you with her monstrous self, so keep an eye out for a line marked on the ground. That’s where she will charge towards you.

So this is everything about defeating Anise in Trials of Mana Remake. She is quite a challenging boss who won’t be defeated easily but if you take quick and good decisions in the battle, you can take her down.