How to Defeat Fullmetal Hugger in Trials of Mana Remake

Find out how to beat this crabby boss

There are quite a few bosses in Trials of Mana Remake and one of them is the Fullmetal Hugger. It is a giant crab-like mutant monster. The Fullmetal Hugger makes the most of its size in battle but it can prove to be its disadvantage too. If you are currently playing Trials of Mana and want to know how to defeat Fullmetal Hugger, this guide will help you out.

Trials of Mana Boss Guide: How to Beat Fullmetal Hugger

Fullmetal Hugger will be the first boss that you will encounter in the game. You will see it while playing the Cascade Cavern Revisited mission. The areas that you can target on Fullmetal Hugger are its face, body and its front left and right legs. You need to be level 7 or higher in order to beat Fullmetal Hugger. Once you defeat this boss, you will acquire Lumina.

Tips to Attack Fullmetal Hugger Boss

Don’t forget to use your characters’ Class Strikes to give significant damage to Fullmetal Hugger. Smash the blue urns that are around you, in case you don’t have Class Strikes. Its face and body is most vulnerable to attacks but beware because his face emits a lot of damaging radiation. When it is on 50% health, it will lose one of its eyes. It is during this time that you need to go all out.


Claw Slash

If you are in front of it, Fullmetal Hugger will attack you with its claws, so stay alert and dodge these attacks. You can come close to it from the side or the back, attack and then move away.

Eye Beam

In this attack, it will charge itself and release a powerful energy beam from its eyes. This is quite a damaging attack so make sure that you are not in its field of vision. Attack it from the sides or from behind to avoid getting hit by the eye beam.

Dive Bomb

Fullmetal Hugger will use its strength and weight to deal great damage. It will jump up high and then land on the ground with a lot of force. When the Hugger goes up, there will be a red circle marked on the ground which will indicate its landing position. Make sure to avoid this area at all costs.

Holy Bolt

With this spell, Fullmetal Hugger will unleash deadly radiation blasts in an area in front of it. Again, dodge this attack by moving away from it as soon as possible. Keep attacking it continuously to weaken it and eventually, you will win.

So this is how to beat the Fullmetal Hugger in Trials of Mana Remake. Curious to know how to level up quickly in this game? Then check out our Trials of Mana Leveling up guide.