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How to Defeat Zehnoa Boss In Trials of Mana Remake

Zehnoa Strategy

You will encounter different bosses in Trials of Mana Remake, Zehnoa is one of them. You will be facing this boss during the missions in Laurent and here is a guide on how to beat this boss. In this Trials of Mana Remake Boss Fight Guide, I will share some tips about Zehnoa’s weaknesses, weak points, and best strategy to win the boss battle. Also, you will learn about Zehnoa’s skill, which the boss can use against you in the fight. If you are aware you can dodge them and plan your attacks smartly. So let’s begin.

How to defeat Zehnoa Boss in Trials of Mana Remake?

Zehnoa is weak to Water and the best place to attach is on the sides. Zehnoa’s skills in Trials of Mana Remake makes him stronger in throwing up traps. Two of skills are good enough to capture you if you fail to dodge them or counterattack at the right time.

So when you find Zehnoa boss in one of the main missions, switch your gear to Water Element. Some of the weapons are Dragon Fangs, Poseidon Claws will also help. Make sure you have opted for a water element item for your offensive units. But if you have Water Saber then there is no big deal. Attack from the sides, this where you can use execute class strikes and cause high damage. It is necessary to induce your strongest class strike with Water saber or weapon with the water element.

One tip to dodge away Zehnoa’s attack is look for marking on the floor. These are the target places where his will attack and you can dodge right before the boss takes the strike. So keep a close watch on the marking, and just run away or dodge sideways to avoid it.

Zehnoa Skills:

Here is some info about the skills, this will help you learn about the attack patters, the damage type and you can strategize your moves.

  1. Repel: Pushes enemies back. Sometimes, the boss combines it with traps.
  2. Trap 1:The boss can lay traps to hide his face.
  3. Trap 2: Traps will be behind or near you.
  4. Blaze Wall: Fire Elemental Magic attack.
  5. Mini: Curses enemies that reduces their size and make them smaller.
  6. Fireball+: Attacks with large burning ball.

The attacks mostly will be in patterns, so here focus on using weapons with water element or if you are having Water Saber then stick with it. So this is how you can defeat Zehnoa boss in Trials of Mana Remake.