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Which Characters To Pick in Trials of Mana Remake?

Create a top-notch party!

When you begin to play Trials of Mana Remake, you will have to choose three characters from the available list of six characters. Every character has its own character attributes, personality, skills and combat style, so picking your characters correctly will have a profound impact on your game.

Every Trials of Mana character will have a different backstory. Their relationship with others will also differ based on who you choose. At times, it might even turn romantic. If you are wondering ‘Which characters should I choose in Trials of Mana Remake?’ then this guide will help you out.

How To Choose Trials of Mana Character

The six characters in Trials of Mana Remake are Charlotte, Hawkeye, Angela, Duran, Kevin and Riesz. You will be asked to choose a main protagonist and two companions. Whoever you choose as your main character will also define the main villain and story that unfolds. The other two characters will also get some storyline focus while the remaining characters will be NPCs.

How do you choose the characters in Trials of Mana Remake? Well, it completely depends on what you are expecting from the game. That’s because choosing a particular character will be better for beginners while choosing another character will be better for those who want to be challenged. Here, we will take a look at which characters are best suited for your expectations.

Which is the best party member combination?

For players who are getting into Trials of Mana for the very first time, this team will benefit you and give you a well-balanced party.

  • Main character: Duran
  • Ally 1: Angela
  • Ally 2: Charlotte

Duran is a physical attacker, while Angela uses magic. Charlotte is a healer who will give a great advantage to this team. Due to Charlotte’s ability to heal companions, she is one of the good choices as the second ally. You can also consider Reisz as Duran’s replacement because she is pretty good too.

Now, if engaging in boss fights and emerging victorious is your main aim, try this sturdy party combination:

  • Main character: Kevin
  • Ally 1: Hawkeye
  • Ally 2: Riesz

These members can join forces to create a massively powerful boss-killing team. Capable of dealing a great amount of damage, this combo will prove to be quite helpful.

To spice things up and make the game challenging, try these Trials of Mana characters to make a solid team:

  • Main character: Hawkeye 
  • Ally 1: Reisz
  • Ally 2: Kevin 

Note that the narratives overlap when you choose these pairs of characters: Duran and Angela, Kevin and Charlotte, Hawkeye and Reisz. While playing, you can switch between characters if you want to use any abilities that are specific to that character. Another important thing to remember is that you won’t be able to change your protagonists mid-story if you change your mind. So this initial decision of characters is extremely important.

So, these were some of the characters you can choose in Trials of Mana Remake. Continue reading more Trials of Mana guides – How to Reset Class and How to Defeat Fullmetal Hugger.