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How to Reset Class in Trials of Mana Remake

Time to Reset

Trials of Mana Remake is the remake of the popular action RPG that released in 1995. This new game from Square Enix has managed to keep the charm of the original while making the successful (and beautiful) transition from 2D to 3D.

In Trials of Mana Remake, a nice feature that has been added is the ability to reset the class of your playable character. Don’t know how to do that? No worries! This guide will help you out.


Trials of Mana Remake – Class Resetting Guide

To change the current class of a character, you need the Goddess Scale. Where to find Goddess Scales? Well, you can find them after you defeat Zable Fahr and check the final dungeon of your character’s story. There are some more Goddess Scales that you can find (five, to be precise) and they are located in the chests at the Anise’s Stockade dungeon. You need to complete the game to find these. This is the only way to get Goddess Scales because they are not available as drops.

How to Reset Class of Characters?


With the Goddess Scale, you need to visit the special statue located in the Mana Sanctuary. That’s where you can reset the class and take your character to the class they started with.

Doing this will also reset training points that have been spent, removes the assigned shortcuts, and also removes the weapons and other gear that has been previously equipped.

For players who don’t like the classes they have chosen for their characters, this is the perfect option. But since Goddess Scales are so limited and farming is impossible, it’s better if you think about this beforehand.


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