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Travel Medallion Zelda TOTK – How To Get & Use

Want to know more about the Travel Medallion? Here is a guide on how you can get & use Travel Medallion in Tears Of The Kingdom

Since its introduction in The Master Trials DLC in Breath Of The Wild players have found Travel Medallion to be a lot more useful in exploring the vast lands of Hyrule. With the inclusion of the medallion in the game itself, Tears Of The Kingdom allows players to use it to open a gate and fast-travel to the location they want. This comes in handy in exploring various regions of Hyrule as players may find traveling with a horse or unlocking shrines long and tedious. Here is our guide on Travel Medallion and how you can get and use it in Zelda TOTK

Travel Medallion Zelda TOTK Guide

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You will have to complete some of the side quests in the game. Players will have to talk to Robbie in order to get their hands on the medallion. Once you have completed the quest of unlocking the camera feature on your Purah Pad and helped Robbie fix his balloon, Robbie will head from Lookout Landing to Hateno Village. Here you can approach him and activate three of Robbie’s side quests that players would have to go through to get upgrades for their Pad.

The First two quests unlock Sensor+ and Hero Paths on the Pad while the third will let you have the Travel Medallion upgrade. While talking to Robbie in Tears Of The Kingdom you will come to know that he made a prototype from the Medallion which required more data in order to be completed. He then left his prototype in his lab back in Deep Akkala when he went on to work on the Purah Pad that you now have.

How to Get the Travel Medallion

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Once you activate the Presenting: Travel Medallion quest Robbie will instruct you to get back the prototype from Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in Deep Akkala which is now in control of the Yiga Clan.

  • Players will have to head towards the lab in the northeast tip of Deep Akkala.
  • The lab would be guarded by two Yiga Clan Soldiers who would stop Link from entering it.
  • You will have to defeat both of them to get inside the lab.
  • Once in, Link will find a man named Konba and after talking to him players will receive the Yiga Armor Chest Piece.
  • After which players may be able to spot a stone chest that they can open to find Travel Medallion Prototype.
  • You can then head back and meet Robbie after which he will upgrade it to an actual Travel Medallion ready to use.

How to Use the Travel Medallion

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After having the working Travel Medallion players can use it by heading toward where they want to set a fast travel location to.

  • After which you can navigate through your Key Items menu to find it.
  • Once done, you can then click on it and select Place from the options.
  • This will let you place a portal gate exactly beneath where Link is standing.
  • You would then be able to fast travel to that location whenever necessary.
  • This comes in clutch in many situations as the campaign progresses.

It is worth noting that the medallion has two more upgrades that let players place two more medallions at a time. To get the second medallion players will have to unlock 10 Skyview Towers while the third one can be obtained when Link unlocks all 15 Skyview Towers. Once done you can then simply head toward Robbie for these upgrades.

That is everything on the Travel Medallion and how you can get & use it in Tears Of The Kingdom. If you want to know about all the Shrines in TOTK here is our guide covering the list of all the shrines.