Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Shrines List

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Tears Of The Kingdom brings back Shrines that players can explore throughout Hyrule but this time with the addition of new ones in the Great Sky Islands. Players can solve the puzzles and acquire Light Of Blessings which can improve Link’s heart and stamina in the game. Once you unlock them you can use them to fast travel between regions which comes in handy as there are lots of locations to explore. Here is a list of all shrines that you can explore during your campaign in Zelda TOTK

How Many Shrines are there in Tears of the Kingdom?

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There are 152 Shrines spread across Hyrule and the Great Sky Islands of which 120 are located on the surface. Players can come across the rest of the 32 on Sky Islands. As the game introduces sky islands at the very start of the game players get the chance to explore some of the Shrines located there. Here is a list of all the shrines you can explore throughout your campaign:

It is worth noting that finding these shrines becomes a lot easier when you have the Shrine Sensor upgrade on your Purah Pad which you can unlock by helping Robbie in his side quest.

All Shrines in Zelda TOTK (List)

Be sure to head over to the Zelda TOTK Interactive map to see the map locations of all of these shrines.

Shrines in the Sky Islands Location

The first 4 Shrines are located in the Great Sky Islands and players will encounter them at the start of the game.

  • Nachoyah Shrine.
  • In-isa Shrine.
  • Gutanbac Shrine.
  • Ukouh Shrine.
  • Joku-u Shrine.
  • Joku-usin Shrine.
  • Kumamayn Shrine.
  • Yansamin Shrine.
  • Ukoojisi Shrine.
  • Josiu Shrine.
  • Mayanas Shrine.
  • Sihajog Shrine.
  • Igoshon Shrine.
  • Jirutagumac Shrine.
  • Kadaunar Shrine.
  • Natak Shrine.
  • Gikaku Shrine.
  • Mogisari Shrine.
  • Mayam Shrine.
  • Simosiwak Shrine.
  • Tenbez Shrine.
  • Taninoud Shrine.
  • Mayaumekis Shrine.
  • Kahatanaum Shrine.
  • Taunhiy Shrine.
  • Ijo-o Shrine.
  • Ga-ahisas Shrine.
  • Ganos Shrine.
  • Mayasiar Shrine.
  • Jinodok Shrine.
  • Rakashog Shrine.
  • Siyamotsus Shrine.

Shrines in Hyrule Field Location

Shrines in Hyrule Ridge Location

  • Usazum Shrine.
  • Sonapan Shrine.
  • Turakawak Shrine.
  • Gasas Shrine.
  • Makurukis Shrine.
  • Runakit Shrine.
  • Taki-ihaban Shrine.

Shrines in Great Hyrule Forest Location

  • Kiuyoyou Shrine.
  • Kikakin Shrine.
  • Sikukuu Shrine.
  • Pupunke Shrine.
  • Musanokir Shrine.
  • Ninjis Shrine.
  • Sakunbomar Shrine.

Shrines in Gerudo Desert Location

Shrines in Gerudo Highlands Location

  • Mayamats Shrine.
  • Otutsum Shrine.
  • Rotsumamu Shrine.
  • Turakmik Shrine.
  • Suariwak Shrine.
  • Rakakudaj Shrine.
  • Kitawak Shrine.

Shrines in Hebra Mountains Location

  • Wao-os Shrine.
  • Sahirow Shrine.
  • Tauyosipan Shrine.
  • Otak Shrine.
  • Eutoum Shrine.
  • Rutafu-um Shrine.
  • Sisuran Shrine.
  • Orochium Shrine.
  • Oshozan-u Shrine.
  • Mayaotaki Shrine.

Shrines in Tabantha Frontier Location

  • Iun-orok Shrine.
  • Ikatak Shrine.
  • Oromuwak Shrine.
  • Gatakis Shrine.
  • Nouda Shrine.
  • Mayausiy Shrine.

Shrines in West Necluda Location

  • En-oma Shrine.
  • Utojis Shrine.
  • Jiukoum Shrine.
  • Susub Shrine.
  • Jochisiu Shrine.
  • Morok Shrine.
  • Makasura Shrine.
  • O-ogim Shrine.

Shrines in East Necluda Location

  • Sifumim Shrine.
  • Bamitok Shrine.
  • Tokiy Shrine.
  • Zanmik Shrine.
  • Mararu-in Shrine.
  • Adenamimik Shrine.
  • Mayahisik Shrine.

Shrines near Mount Lanayru Location

  • Zakusu Shrine.
  • Jikais Shrine.
  • Jogou Shrine.

Shrines in Lanayru Great Spring Location

  • Yomizuk Shrine.
  • Apogek Shrine.
  • Ihen-a Shrine.
  • Mogawak Shrine.
  • Joniu Shrine.

Shrines in Lanayru Wetlands Location

Shrines in Faron Grasslands Location

  • Ishokin Shrine.
  • Utsushok Shrine.
  • Joju-u-u Shrine.

Shrines near Eldin Mountain Location

  • Sibajitak Shrine.
  • Jiotak Shrine.
  • Mayak Shrine.
  • Minetak Shrine.

Shrines in Eldin Canyon Location

  • Momosik Shrine.
  • Sitsum Shrine.
  • Moshapin Shrine.
  • Kisinona Shrine.
  • Timawak Shrine.
  • Marakuguc Shrine.
  • Isisim Shrine.

Shrines in Akkala Highlands Location

  • Gitanisis Shrine.
  • Rasitakiwak Shrine.
  • Jochi-ihiga Shrine.
  • Domizuin Shrine.
  • Mayachideg Shrine.

Shrines in Deep Akkala Location

  • Gemimik Shrine.
  • Sinatanika Shrine.
  • Jochi-iu Shrine.
  • Rasiwak Shrine.
  • Kamatukis Shrine.
  • Kimayat Shrine.
  • Igashuk Shrine.

That is everything on the list of all the Shrines locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). If you want to know where you can use the Light Blessing found in the shrines here is our guide that will help you out.