Lookout Landing Guide For Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Wondering what you should do first, as soon as you reach Lookout Landing in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Then, below we have listed all the important things you shouldn't miss.

Many players are dicey about what they must do after obtaining all abilities in the Great Sky Island. And the answer is to head to the Lookout Landing to start your adventures journey in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. There you’ll see some familiar faces like Purah & Robbie, that’ll walk you through the basics and also give some quests. If you want to know more about this settlement on the Overworld, then let’s get started.

Spoilers Alert: The following walkthrough may contain a few spoilers for Zelda TOTK. Go ahead if you are okay with those.

What to do in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Lookout Landing? (Location)

lookout landing location Zelda TOTK Tears of the Kingdom
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You can reach Lookout Landing in front of Hyrule Castle (Location coordinates -0295, 0140, 0025) in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. There the very first thing you can do is meet up with Purah. Doing so will allow you to unlock the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, which unlocks a portion of the map. There are 14 other Skyview Towers you’ll have to unlock, which we’ll discuss some other time. So let’s get started with the important things you should do first.

  • Unlock Skyview Tower & Paraglider
  • Locate Goddess Statue
  • Unlock Emergency Shelter

For better understanding, we have mentioned details of the following important objectives below.

meet purah to unlock paraglide and skyview tower zelda totk
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How to Solve Lookout Landing Skyview Tower in Zelda TOTK (Paraglider)

As said earlier, go ahead and meet up with your old friend Purah, and talk to her. And as soon as you do that, it’ll initiate a quest named, Crisis at Hyrule Castle where Purah asks you to go to Hyrule Castle and meet Captain Hoz. After interacting with Captian Hoz head back to Purah and she’ll give you the Paraglider. And also launches you into the sky to scan the areas with your Purah Pad, allowing you to unlock new areas.

Where is Lookout Landing Goddess Statue (Stamina & Health)

After you’ve collected the Light of Blessing from the Shrines in Great Sky Island, head to the Lookout Landing Goddess Statue. Doing so is crucial, as it can increase your Stamina & Health in exchange for the 4 Light of Blessings. You can find the Goddess Statue in the underground area of the Emergency Shelter. After entering the area, head to the Coordinates – 0242, 0086, 0008 and that’ll do the trick. If you still haven’t found the Emergency Shelter in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Lookout Landing, then we’ll help you out.

unlock emergency shelter lookout landing and godess in zelda totk
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How to Unlock Lookout Landing Emergency Shelter in Zelda TOTK

To unlock the Emergency Shelter find an NPC named Scorpis. He is guarding the underground bunker with a spear in hand. Interact with him and he will open the Bunker for you where you’ll not only find the statue but also some useful items. Such as a Cooking Pot to cook food, a bed to sleep in to restore some HP and etc. After you’re done with this do visit Mini Stable, Coordinates -0253, 0054, 0018 to unlock more things.

So without spoiling more things for you. Let’s sum up the list of important things to do in Lookout Landings in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. While you’re here, do check out what else you should do in Zelda TOTK. Also, take a look at the best Weapons you should unlock first in the game.