How To Go To Hateno Village In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Paarth Wadke
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The Hateno Village from Breath of the Wild makes its return to Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, but players are finding it difficult to reach there. According to Atmus at the Lookout Landing Emergency Shelter, the village has become popular as the center of fashion. Moreover, Hateno Village has many side quests and upgrades at Robbie’s Ancient Tech Lab and the Research Lab. So to get the best upgrades like the Travel Medallion, you must find Hateno Village and get Robbie to it.

How to Reach Hateno Village Location in Zelda ToTK

Hateno Village location in Zelda ToTK
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The coordinates to the entrance of Hateno Village are (3284, -2141, 0102). If you have a paraglider and the Glide Armor set, then the best way to reach this village is through Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower (3845, -1306, 0539). Alternatively, you can also trek to this village but you’ll meet a lot of enemies on the way.

How to Get Robbie to Hateno in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Repair hot air balloon to get Robbie to Hateno
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One of the major reasons to visit the Hateno Village in TotK is the Ancient Tech Lab or the Research Lab. Here, you can get the Travel Medallion and the Hero’s Path upgrades for your Purah Pad. But first, you must bring Robbie back to the village.

To get Robbie back to Hateno Village in Zelda ToTK:

  1. Unlock the paraglider and complete the “Camera Work in the Depths” main quest where you must find Robbie in the chasm (-0260, -0345, 0027).
  2. Then, start the “A Mystery in The Depths” quest and find the Autobuild.
  3. Once you have the Autobuild, return to Josha at the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and she will ask you to repair Robbie’s hot air balloon.
  4. Use the Autobuild to repair the balloon and Robbie will use that balloon to return to Hateno.

Then, you can visit Robbie at his lab in the village and complete quests to get upgrades for your Purah Pad and Ancient Weapons.

That’s all from us on the Hateno Village location and how to get Robbie to it in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. In this village, there are many other quests like retrieving Cece’s hat, and you can check out how to do them in our ToTK guides section.