How To Get Paraglider In Zelda TOTK

Want to glide through the skies of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Grab the Paraglider to do it efficiently.

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom gives Link a new ability called Ascend, but does that mean you no longer get the Paraglider? Don’t worry, while Ascend might be useful for climbing mountains easily. As long as there is a cave in it. The paraglider serves its own purpose. And considering how big the new world looks of TotK it would have almost been a crime had they not included it. But it gets better because this time you not only get the glider but even get several customization options for it. So here is everything that you should know about the paraglider.

How to Get the Paraglider in Legend of Zelda TotK

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Get and Use Paraglider
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You unlock the Paraglider at the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower after talking to Purah. Don’t worry, you get it fairly early on in the game but you will need to complete some starting main quests for it. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Hyrule Castle for the “Crisis at Hyrule Castle” objective.
  2. Make sure you activate the first shrine you come across as it can be used for Fast Traveling later. You don’t have to complete the shrine, just activating it is enough.
  3. Next, go to the First Gatehouse.
  4. From here climb up to the top of the Gatehouse and you will find two guards searching for something or someone. Your approximate location should be -0336, 0848, 0133.
  5. Here, talk to Captain Hoz.
  6. After the cutscene, go to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower.
  7. Speak with Purah here and she will get the Tower activated. You can see the tower shoot flares in the sky.
  8. Next, use your Purah pad on top of the Terminal.
  9. This will unlock the Tower’s fast-traveling point and you will get the Paraglider.

By default your Paraglider will have the purple sailcloth. But in this game, you will get to customize it with different designs.

How to Use Paraglider

You have to press the jump button (X-button) on your controller while midair to start gliding with your Paraglider. You cannot use it from the ground as there is no need for gliding then. But when you are on a higher elevation it comes in handy.

Simply jump from high ground and press X. You can also stand underneath updrafts and double jump to take off to the sky. If there are no updrafts available then just set the ground on fire. You can do this easily on open grounds which have a lot of grass by using any fire weapon you might have.

How to Change Paraglider Skins in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Change Paraglider Design skin in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

There are two ways to change your Paraglider skins.

  • Using Amiibos: By using these Amiibos you can use the following glider skins.
    • Bokoblin (BotW) – Bokoblin sailcloth
    • Daruk (BotW) – Goron Champion sailcloth
    • Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros) – Demon King sailcloth
    • Guardian (BotW) – Ancient Sheikah sailcloth
    • Link (Legend of Zelda) – Pixel sailcloth
    • Link (Link’s Awakening) – Egg sailcloth
    • Link (Majora’s Mask) – Majora’s Mask sailcloth
    • Link (Ocarina of Time) – Lon Lon Ranch sailcloth
    • Link (Skyward Sword) – Sword-Spirit sailcloth
    • Link (Super Smash Bros) – Mirror of Twilight sailcloth
    • Link (TotK) – Tunic of Memories sailcloth
    • Link (Twilight Princess) – Mirror of Twilight sailcloth
    • Link Archer (BotW) – Tunic of Memories sailcloth
    • Link Rider (BotW) – Hylian Hood sailcloth
    • Mipha (BotW) – Zora Champion sailcloth
    • Revali (BotW) – Rito Champion sailcloth
    • Sheik (Super Smash Bros) – Sheik sailcloth
    • Toon Link (Super Smash Bros) – King of Red Lions sailcloth
    • Urbosa (BotW) – Gerudo Champion sailcloth
    • Zelda (BotW) – Hyrule Princess sailcloth
    • Zelda (Super Smash Bros) – Princess of Twilight sailcloth
    • Zelda (Wind Waker) – Bygone Royal sailcloth
    • Zelda and Loftwing – (Skyward Sword) Goddess sailcloth
  • From Kochi Dye Shop: Go to Hateno Village and talk to Sayge. Select Rework the Paraglider and pay 20 rupees to get it changed.

That’s everything you should know about getting & using Paraglider to change its designs in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Be sure to check out our Zelda TOTK section for more walkthroughs on this game.