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Where To Find Skink In Starfield (Location)

If you are in search of Skink because of the From The Beyond questline or just want to explore for resources in Starfield, then here is a guide you should check out.

Wondering about the location of the rocky planet Skink around different solar systems in Starfield? In the Power From Beyond questline, players will have to investigate gravitational anomalies caused by temples in different systems. Interacting with Vladimir about it will let you know the planet you will have to visit and scan distortions. Although the planet in question varies in each playthrough. Skink is one of these planets from the list that players might encounter in their playthrough of the campaign. Many players might have missed out on the rocky planet located in one of the popular systems. In addition to that, Skink is also rich in resources like Mercury, Silver, Water, etc. So if you want to find the planet for the questline or just want to explore the planet for its resources, here is where you will come across it in the game.

Starfield Skink Location

where to find skink in starfield

Players will come across planet Skink located in the Cheyenne System in Starfield. It will be the very first planet that you will find orbiting the star in the system. Cheyenne is also home to the Freestar Collective capital of Akila City on the planet Akila. And as players would have explored the planet and the system in some of the quests earlier in their gameplay, visiting the system would be easier. Although for players looking to explore the Cheyenne System for the very first time, you will find it placed in the center of the Starmap. It will be northwest of the Alpha Centauri system and directly west of the Kryx system in the game.

The best way to reach the Cheyenne System and reach the location of Skink would be to Grav Jump to the closest system in Starfield. After which you will be able to travel through the unexplored route and reach the system. You can track the lines indicating the route for the Grav Jump. Once you reach Cheyenne, look for Skink close to the star and travel. Once done, you will be able to scan the planet for outposts and resources. After scanning for outposts, players can land accordingly on Skink in Starfield.

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