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How To Get Tungsten in Starfield? Planet & Vendor Locations

This guide has list of planets where you can farm Tungsten in Starfield.

Tungsten is one of the many resources in Starfield, that is required for crafting and upgrading. If you are having a hard time locating Tungsten then here are some locations and vendors. You can either farm Tungsten or buy an unlimited amount of this resource from a vendor. All plans work here, and this guide has detailed steps for doing both. So let’s begin with how to farm Tungsten in Starfield.

Best Planets to Extract Tungsten in Starfield

Starfield Tungsten Location - Pluto

Sol System has two planets as well as some vendors where you can get Tungsten. When you are scanning the planet look for the W symbol. This stands for Tungsten.


Starfield Pluto Tungsten Location

This planet is located to the extreme left of the Sol system and it has a lot of Tungsten. It is one of the best planets to set up an outpost and Tungsten extractor. Just scan the planet from your ship and you will see the list of resources it has. Just land on the landing spot and explore the region using Scanner. You will be able to find Tungsten on rocks.


Titan Tungsten Farming

There are two ways to get Tungsteon on Titan. First is by mining and second is by it from the vendor. Both work on this planet. You will have to explore this region a bit to locate tiny Tungsten rocks on the surface and then set up an extractor. Also if you do not want to get into the outpost building then you can choose to buy it from the vendor.

Starfield: Titan Tungsten Vendor

Visit the New Homestead vendor and look for the store in the region. There is a vendor Jae in the area, who sells Tungsten. Each Tungsten cost 16 Credits, and once you buy you will have to sleep and come back. You cannot buy it again instantly. So just go to sleep and then come back after 24hrs. Repeat this process and you can buy an unlimited amount of Tungsten from the Vendor.

Set up extractors, outposts, and storage containers on the planets. This will automate Tungsten farming. Do not forget to set up Cargo Links, to transfer the resources between output or between star systems.

There are two more plants in the Alpha Centauri Star System that have a good amount of Tungsten. They are Voss &  Bondar, Make sure you scan through the ship to get the exact location of the resource. You can set up an outpost to start mining of Tungsten on these planets.

So this was all about Tungsten Farming in Starfield. There are a lot of resources and we have a list of interesting guides to help you out. Like Lithium Farming, Structural Material for Crafting, Silver/Copper Location, Lead Farming and Helium Farming.