Starfield Silver And Copper Locations (Planets, Systems)

Here's are the places where you can locate and mine copper and silver in Starfield.

Copper and Silver are important and commonly found ore minerals in Starfield that can be used to craft Weapons upgrades, Gear mods, Equipment, Outposts, and two main ingredients for resources like Zero Wire. There are plenty of planets which are rich in these minerals. There are two ways to get your hands on these resources, mining or directly purchasing from the vendor in the game. Follow this guide to learn where you can find and farm Silver and Copper.

Silver And Copper Location in Starfield

Farm Silver And Copper in Starfield

Use your spaceship to Grav jumping to these planets mentioned below in the list can get you enough stock of these minerals as these cisternal bodies have an abundance of these resources.

Planets to Find Silver and Copper

Planet  System Resources
Altair I Altair  Silver (Ag)
Bindi Cheyenne  Silver (Ag)
Cragg Cheyenne  Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu)
Dione Sol  Silver (Ag)
Eridani V Eridani  Silver (Ag)
Eridani VIII-b Eridani  Silver (Ag)
Kreet Narion  Silver (Ag)
Maheo I Maheo  Silver (Ag)
Muphrid VIII-a Muphrid  Silver (Ag)
Oborum II-a Oborum Prime  Silver (Ag)
Pontem Wolf  Silver (Ag)
Skink Cheyenne  Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu)
Toliman II Toliman  Silver (Ag)
Washakie Cheyenne  Silver (Ag)
Agamon A, B, C Cheyenne Copper (Cu)
Ariel Sol Copper (Cu)
Charon Sol Copper (Cu)
Cruth Narion Copper (Cu)
Kalira Cheyenne Copper (Cu)
Maheo II Maheo Copper (Cu)
Maheo IV-a Maheo Copper (Cu)
Maheo V-a Maheo Copper (Cu)
Volii Epsilon Volii Copper (Cu)
Volii UpSilon Volii Copper (Cu)
Zamka Alpha Centauri Copper (Cu)
Tau Ceti I, III, IV Tau Ceti Copper (Cu)
Procyon I, III, VI-a, VI-c Procyon A Copper (Cu)
Altair III, IV-a Altair Copper (Cu)

Farm Copper and Silver

As you reach the target location, go ahead and explore the area and use your scanner to search and analyze the terrain and rocks to find the resources. Once you locate these minerals, use the cutter to cut and extract them from the ground or rock. If you come across a larger deposit of silver and copper, you can build an outpost to set up machinery mining to extract these minerals and store them in containers.

Purchase Copper and Silver

Apart from investing time to harvest Silver and Copper from the environment, you can head over to the merchants spread across the Starfield Universe to purchase them since they are tradable items. Buying these ore minerals is pretty straightforward, just interact with the vendor in the shop with enough credits.

Vendor Location
Jemison Mercantile New Atlantis, Jemison
Mining League Neon, Volii Alpha
Midtown Minerals Akila City, Akila

That was all from our side on where to locate and farm minerals like Silver and Copper in Starfield.

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