Starfield Lead Locations: Where To Farm Lead

Lead is a valuable resource in Starfield, used to make weapons, armor, equipment, and more. But do you know how to get it?

You will need to collect various resources on your journey through Starfield, with lead being particularly valuable compared to other materials. It’s essential for crafting weapons, armor, equipment and building structures at your settlements. You’ll need a reliable lead source if you want to get serious about gearing up your crew or expanding your colonies. We’ll explain how to get and farm lead in Starfield.

How to Find Lead in Starfield (Planet Locations)

How To Farm Lead In Starfield Finding lead can be a challenge as it is not abundantly available everywhere. Here are a few reliable methods to farm lead efficiently:

Use an Extractor at Outpost

One of the best ways to get a steady lead supply is by setting up a Lead Extractor at one of your Outposts. Extractors can be built once you have upgraded your Outpost to have power. This allows you to accumulate Lead over time passively.

The Jemison system, which is rich in lead resources and easily accessible in the early stages, is the best place to set up your extractor.

Obtain it From Mines

If you don’t have an Outpost built yet, you can still mine for lead manually. Equip your Heller’s Cutter and scan planets for Lead deposits using your scanner’s “Pb” symbol. Hovering over planets in your ship will also show if they contain lead.

Once landed, hack away at rocks and mineral deposits near the Pb markers. Some planets have more lead veins than others, so mine efficiently to collect what you can quickly.

Purchase from Vendors

You can buy leads from vendors at major settlements as a third option. Shops in places like Akila, The Key, New Atlantis and Cydonia sell lead. However, prices may vary, and it is more expensive than obtaining it yourself through mining or an Extractor.

That’s everything covered for how to farm lead in Starfield. You can go through our dedicated section on Starfield to get more guides and tips on this game.