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Starfield Antimony: Planet Locations To Find Resource

Here is the guide to help you locate and farm one of the exotic mineral Antimony on the Starfield.

In Starfield, you can explore the vastness of space from planets to other celestial bodies to find resources and raw materials in order to use them for crafting upgrades, mods, and more. Antimony (Sb) is one such mineral, it is a tier 3 Exotic inorganic resource used to upgrade bullets. This guide will help you find and farm Antimony in Starfield.

How to Find and Get Antimony in Starfield

Where To Farm Antimony in starfield

Antimony is one of the important ingredients for crafting magazine and battery modes for the Flechette and Penetrator Rounds. Being a tier 3 Exotic inorganic resource, it is hard to come by. However, below is the list of planets and bodies that you can visit to extract and farm Antimony. Also, you always have the option to buy them from shops in all the major cities if you have enough credits.

Antimony Farming Locations

Planet  System
Cruth Narion
Maheo VII Maheo
Muphrid VI-d Muphrid
Muphrid VII-a Muphrid
Beta Andraste I-c Beta Andraste
Indum III-a Indum
Indum IV-d Indum
Gasparis Lunara
Porrima V-c Porrima
Nemeria IV-a Nemeria
Nemeria VI-d Nemeria
Ixyll II Ixyll
Ixyll VII-a Ixyll
Moloch III Moloch
Beta Marae V-b Beta Marae
Rutherford VI-b Rutherford
Xi Ophiuchi III Xi Ophiuchi
Zeta Ophiuchi III Zeta Ophiuchi
Bel II-a Bel
Feynman VIII-b Feynman
Foucault VI-e Foucault
Kang VI Kang
Maal IX-b Maal
Charybdis V Charybdis
Bohr IV Bohr

How to Farm Antimony (Sb) in Strafield

Now that you know where you can find this mineral, let’s get into ways to extract it. This is the cheapest way to get this mineral without spending credits.

  • Using Scanner & Cutter: While exploring a planet, you can discover mineral deposits with the help of a hand scanner and extract them using a cutter.
  • Outpost Mining Machinery: Players can establish an outpost to mine resources for this you need a location where Antimony is found in abundance, an extractor to min, a power source, a container, and a crew assigned to work.

Where to Purchase Antimony (Sb)

If you don’t want to extract Antimony yourself, you always have the option to buy it from the merchants in the cities across Strafield for 30 credits each. This method saves time if you are into the storyline of the game. Below is the list of easily accessible locations from where you can get your hands on Antimony (Sb).

Vendor Location 
Jemison Mercantile New Atlantis, Jemison
Mining League Neon, Volii Alpha
Midtown Minerals Akila City, Akila

Stocking up resources is always a good idea since it gives up enough option to craft and updates weapons and protective gear to get the upper hand in the combat around the space.

And that’s everything covered for where to farm Antimony (Sb) in Starfield. While here, check out our other guides on this game like how you can do Stealth Kill without being noticed, or learn how to farm other resources like Titanium, Polytextile, and ytterbium. Also, you can go through this Starfield dedicated section on Gamer Tweak to get more tips and guides.

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