Solo Showdown Codes (May 2024)

Looking to get some exciting rewards in the Roblox game Solo Showdown? This is the updated codes wiki that you can use to redeem codes and get their rewards.

The latest Slow Showdown codes will reward players with some useful freebies like Won. Won is quite important if you are looking to personalize your character and buy accessories from the store. Since you are bound to face other players in some exciting combat, you would want your character to stand out uniquely. Players will also have access to special powers based on the character they choose and that will be a major part of their personalization.

We have kept our wiki updated with all the working codes so you can redeem them in one go. Since they are bound to expire when the developers choose to remove them, it’s best if you use these codes quickly. If you are new to this game, our guide will also show you how to redeem these codes in the Roblox game.

All Solo Showdown Codes

Here are all the latest Solo Showdown codes that you can redeem in the Roblox game:

  • !code bigupdate – Redeem and get 5,000 Won

How to Redeem Solo Showdown Codes

How to Redeem Solo Showdown Codes
Image via Roblox
  • Launch Solo Showdown on your device.
  • While in the main window, select the Roblox chat option from the top left.
  • In the text box that appears, paste in one of the working codes from above.
  • Hit Enter and then enjoy the rewards.

How to Get More Codes

If you have already used the current codes, you might need new Solo Showdown Codes. You can check out the official X (Twitter) Page to get codes directly from the developers. The official Discord Server will also provide you with some of the latest news, updates, and other information. However, if you want to avoid this hassle, you can find the updated list of codes here.

Why are the Codes not Working?

There could be multiple reasons why the Solo Showdown Codes are not working for you. Firstly, make sure you have typed the exact code mentioned above. Don’t change any lower or uppercase letters since they could be sensitive. Additionally, the developers may have just made the code invalid, so you might not be able to use it anymore.

That brings an end to this list of Solo Showdown Codes. For more such Roblox coverage and Codes guides, do check out our dedicated sections here at Gamer Tweak.