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Where To Farm Lithium In Starfield (Locations)

Wondering where to find and harvest lithium in Starfield? Here's how to locate it.

Resources and minerals in Starfield are valuable possessions that can be used for research projects, craft powerful weapon mods like Large Battery and Tactical Battery, or can be sold to earn more credits. Lithium is one of the rare elements you can find in the Starfield universe. This article will guide you on where you locate and farm lithium in Starfield and learn to extract it using different methods.

Where to Find Lithium in Starfield to Farm

survey and farm lithium in starfield

As in the Starfield universe, there are about 1000 planets and moons. Some of them like Planet Taui Ceti III have rich deposits of mineral resources like lithium and other minerals. In order to find such a deposit, you are exploring Starfield’s vastness, going through many planet and sol systems. Below is the list of all the planets and other celestial bodies where you can farm lithium in Starfield.

System Planet + Moon
Algorab Algorab II, Algorab III-e
Alpha Marae Alpha Marae III-d
Alpha Ternion Ternion VII
Andromas Andromas II
Bara Bara VII-c, Bara VII-d
Bardeen Bardeen IV-a, Bardeen V-a
Bel Bel II
Beta Ternion Beta Ternion I
Copernicus Copernicus V, Copernicus VII-b
Copernicus Minor Copernicus Minor I-a, Copernicus Minor I-b
Delta Pavonis Gamow
Eridani Eridani VIII-d, Eridani VIII-c
Feynman Feynman I
Gamma Vulpes Gamma Vulpes I
Hawking Hawking VI-b
Heinlein Heinlein V-a, Heinlein VI-c
Heisenberg Heisenberg VI-b, Heisenberg VIII-a
Huygens Huygens VII-d
Ixyll Ixyll V, Ixyll IX-b
Jaffa Jaffa II
Kryx Max
Leonis Leonis V
Luyten’s Star Luyten’s Rock
Maal Maal VI-a
Maheo Maheo IV-d
Moloch Moloch II
Muphrid Muphrid IV
Newton Newton III
Porrima Porrima II, Porrima III, Porrima V-a, Porrima VI
Proxima Ternion Proxima Ternion IV
Pyraas Pyraas VI-a, Pyraas VII-b
Rana Rana VI-b
Rutherford Rutherford III
Schrodinger Schrodinger VIII-e
Serpentis Serpentis II
Shoza Shoza III
Strix Strix V
Syrma Syrma VII-a
Tau Ceti Tau Ceti IIITau Ceti VIII-c
Valo Shorun
Verne Verne VII-b, Verne VII-e
Xi Ophiuchi Xi Ophiuchi VII-a
Zelazny Zelazny IV, Zelazny V, Zelazny VI
Zeta Ophiuchi Zeta Ophiuchi VI-e

How to Harvest Lithium in Starfield

Mining of resources like lithium can be done via two methods in Starfield. The small deposit can easily be extracted by using a handheld cutter, while the larger deposit requires a mining outpost.

As you begin the game, the first method is already equipped by your character, the cutter. As you are traveling and exploring a planet, you can use a scanner to analyze lithium or other mineral deposits. Once you stumble upon one, just point your laser cutter at the resource and gradually cut through the mineral.
Outpost Mining Machinery
An outpost in Starfield can be set up for various uses, one of which can be mining as well. for this, all you need is a location with deposits of lithium, which can be located by using the scanner, an extractor to mine the lithium, a power source a container to collect all the resources, and a crew assigned to it.

Additionally, if you are much more focused on the storyline of the game and want to skip the farming part altogether and still want to acquire lithium, it can be purchased in the game from a Shop vendor available in the Starfield universe as these shops have enough supply. Below are some places where you can purchase lithium.

Shop Location
Jemison Mercantile New Atlantis, Jemison
Mining League Neon, Volii Alpha
Midtown Minerals Akila City, Akila

That’s everything covered for how to locate and farm lithium in Starfield. If you find this guide helpful, check out this article on where you can find large deposits of titanium in Starfield or locate Ytterbium in Starfield. Also, you can go through our dedicated section on Starfield to get more guides and tips on this game.

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