Type Soul Shikai Tier List (2023)

Here's a tier list that will help you have the best Shikai in Type Soul.

If you are a Soul Reaper in Type Soul, you need to check out this Shikai Tier List to find out which ones are the best in the game. Although there are 11 Shikai, you will be gaining the powers of one as soon as you unlock it. Since it determines your ability and how your playstyle will be going forward, you might want to know where exactly your Shikai ranks in our tier list. Although none of them are bad, a few of these are stronger than the other and this guide will make everything clear for you.

How to Get Shikai in Type Soul

Best Shikai in Type Soul Tier List
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Since Shikai is a Soul Reaper exclusive ability, you cannot use it if you are a Hollow, Quincy, or a Vizard. Players need to reach Grade 2 to get access to Shikai in Type Soul. After that, you need to meditate 3 times for 20 minutes and then you will be pit against your Shikai on the fourth time. Once players beat their Shikai, they can use this ability by pressing J while their swords are equipped. However, if they lose, they will have to wait for an hour to reset it or through an Arrancar NPC.

Type Soul Shikai Tier List

S Tier – Best Shikai in Type Soul

Here are the S Tier Shikai in this list that are the best in Type Soul:

  • Blood
  • Ice
  • Ink

A Tier

Here are the A Tier Shikai that have are pretty good abilities for players to use:

  • Berserk
  • Fire
  • Shadow

B Tier

This list contains all the B Tier Shikai that players might get in Type Soul. Even though they are not exactly bad, the higher tiers might have advantage over them.

  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Wind

C Tier

These are the C Tier Shikai and are pretty hard to get use out of unless they match exactly with your playstyle:

  • Confusion
  • Creation

That’s all we have from this Shikai tier list in Type Soul. Since you are playing Type Soul, we recommend you check out our dedicated section right here at Gamer Tweak for more such guides.