How To Become Arrancar In Type Soul

Being a Hollow has its downsides in Type Soul but everything starts getting better after you reach an Arrancar form.

If you’ve chosen the path of becoming a Hollow in Type Soul, then you must focus on attaining the highest form of Arrancar. Doing so will unlock a different Grade progression that you can climb and then choose a path. As we all are familiar with, playing as a Hollow is not that easy and requires grinding if you want to become powerful. However, the efforts pay off after you attain the highest form of the Arrancar and become nearly invincible. So if you’re ready to do what it takes to attain the Arrancar form, then below you’ll find everything you need to know about it.

How Can I Get Arrancar Form in Type Soul?

How To Become Arrancar In Type Soul
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In Type Soul, you can become an Arrancar by ripping your mask after reaching the Menos form. Do note, as a Hollow you can remove your mask by pressing CTRL+K at any point after reaching Menos. However, the earlier you rip your mask the weaker Arrancar you’ll be. So it’s recommended to remove the mask after you reach the Adjuchas or Vastolorde form. For your reference below we have explained some more details of becoming an Arrancar easily.

  1. First, give up your life and become a Lost Soul.
  2. Next, press CTRL+K to turn yourself into a Hollow and begin from the Fishbone form.
  3. After that, start killing the Hollows you find in the server you’re transported to.
  4. While doing that don’t forget to press B to eat the Hollow souls so you can gain EXP.
  5. After you have enough EXP you’ll reach the Menos form. At this point, your eyes might turn Red or Yellow.
  6. Once you reach Menos form you can remove your mask by pressing CTRL+K and become a weak Arrancar.
  7. The highest stage of Arrancar is attained by ripping the mask at the Vasto Lorde form.

After players are turned into Arrancar they get to start from Grade 5 where they can rank up to reach the Elite Grade. Apart from that, you’ll also get an option to purchase some skills for 0 Skill points. Such as Hierro Skill and Flashstep skills from their respective Skill Trees.

That covers everything about how to become an Arrancar in Type Soul. If you’ve attained this form already, then don’t forget to check out the Best Arrancar build to grind faster in the game. Also, take a look at the Type Soul Codes to get free rewards.